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Currently located 10nm to the south of the Isle of Wight motorsailing in moderate 15-20kt ENE winds with a 1m ENE swell. Current speed is 4.5kts and the temperature is 12 degrees.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to day 49 of our voyage. This will be our last night day underway at sea as we should anchor just off St Helens at the Isle of Wight sometime during the early hours of tomorrow morning. The rough conditions remained with us until just after lunch today and then as forecast the wind moderated and with it the swell dropped off fairly quickly. We have made better than expected speed hence why we will be anchoring earlier than expected but hopefully this will give us the opportunity to put everyone ashore for a couple of hours so they can enjoy a short visit to the Isle of Wight.


Writing our second last Captains Log for this voyage is Ann and Red Watch and besides telling you about their day and adventures they have also asked me also to include a photograph of the Watch. Enjoy!!



Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav



PS A special Congratulations!!! From all of the Staff Crew of Young Endeavour to one of our former Staffies, Jen and her Partner Jason who celebrated the birth of their lovely baby daughter, Charlotte Louise Neuhaus, born at 1819 on the 11th June. Best wishes from all onboard xxox

Captain’s Log 11 June 2015

This morning we all got Rick-Rolled. Blue watch decided in all their wisdom to make Rick Astley’s song the wakey wakey tune. Some would argue it’s not the best way to start a day, but it’s better than a cold shower or a wave splashing/smashing you in the face. The day did get better as the Chefos (Jenko, Sarah and Nikki) cooked up chocolate muffins for brekky. This made 0800 watch with the Always Ready Red watch even better.

As is becoming tradition we started watch with a good morning from the Atlantic Ocean. She has taken to sending rogue waves our way at the start of each watch. If we weren’t awake, we were now! Surprisingly this caught some of the Always Ready Red watch off guard as they didn’t have their foul weather gear on. After a quick change of pants we cracked into action, furling sails and dodging fishing vessels as we cruised along the English Channel.

Today’s celebrity Sail Master was Atlanta aka ARGHtlanta: the Sea-Sickest Sailor in the Seven Seas complete with eye patch. As Sail Master, Atlanta decided we needed to practice as much nautical talk as possible before our voyage comes to an end. We learnt that the bulkheads are walls and deck heads are the equivalent of the roof. Hearing the Kiwis on board say some of these words was the source of much amusement.

Possibly the highlight of the day is that we’ve had a constant supply of water all day. This is due to Shaun the Engineer fixing the water pump. The engineers on board (Shaun and Lindsay) have proven their ability to fix anything. All on board the Young Endeavour would agree both would be very useful if stuck on a deserted island, some would even take them instead of lip balm.

The next highlight of day (other than happy hour and food) was our Lima Lima Delta aka little lie down in our racks. Those not having a siesta kept plugging away at the remaining tasks from Command period. Part of this is each watch has to choose a song as a soundtrack to the slideshow. Red watch being democratic beasts decided to have a vote. We narrowed it down to two songs then voted. This resulted in a draw. Thankfully our Watch Leaders Jo-Day and Marcos came to the rescue with a solution. A best of three, Paper, Scissor Rock Tournament. It was a tight game but Jo-Day was the eventual winner in 5 sets. (1st Jo-day with Scissor, 2nd double rock, 3rd double rock, 4th Marcos with Rock, 5th Jo-Day with Paper)

After our Lima Lima Delta, Taffy taught us how to splice a rope. It’s actually quite easy with a good teacher. Just remember to go against the lay of the rope. Taffy was probably teaching us a lesson about fighting the status quo as well. Atlanta, Argh the Sea Sickest Sailor in the Seven Seas pointed out that it’s very similar to knitting. Not surprising given that sailors used to knit while at sea. Perhaps we can put Henry the Homing Pigeon to work in this capacity.

Today is our last day of full sailing and as we head into the final 48 hours of voyage there is mixture of emotions on board. The biggest emotion is disbelief that is it coming to an end. Boarding the Young Endeavour in Cannakale, Turkey seems not long ago. To now be skirting the English coastline suggests that time does fly when having fun. It has been a challenge, but as our wise Captain Gav tells us, if it wasn’t a challenge everyone would be doing it. Cap’n Gav also reminds us that attitude is the difference between an adventure and an ordeal.

For me personally there have been plenty of highs and lows on this voyage. The most important thing though is that at all times there was a friend there to share those ups and downs. I don’t think I fully understood what the Young Endeavour was about before embarking on this adventure. I now appreciate how lucky we are as young Australians to have the opportunity to learn about sailing on her. To be part of the World Voyage has been truly incredible and I’ll treasure this moments for the rest of my life. To my new Young Endeavour mates thanks for a rolling good time!

Red Watch Out


Matt the Saltiest of SeaDogs is a proud to welcome his new nephew Patrick into the world. Sailing lessons start now! Congratulations Alisha and Ben!

Hola friends and family – it’s been an awesome adventure. Got loads of photos (40gb+) to show when I see y’all next. Lots of love Ann

Hi to all back in NZ! Only a couple of nights left on board now, can’t believe it has been 50 days already. Its been an amazing adventure and I’m not prepared to leave yet! But the next adventure will be just as amazing I hope! Talk to you all soon when I get to the UK! Whose shout out was this? Mine! Tim H

Heya to mum, dad, all the Fitzherberts and anyone else reading this log. Am currently in the English Channel off the Isle of Wight. This grand adventure is almost at an end, but what a trip it has been! Wish I didn’t have to say goodbye to this amazing ship, which has taught me so much (some useful and some not so useful – like how to use a sextant). I’ll have many stories to share with you when I arrive back in Australia. And I still don’t get seasick – the Atlantic will have to throw at me a little more than 3m (or thereabouts) swells. Nik

Hello Max and Family. The last few days have been amazing and I can’t wait to show you all the photos I’ve been taking of the amazing sunsets and places around the ship. Today I learnt how to splice and whip a rope and will definitely be giving it another crack back home. Can’t wait to see you all so soon. All my love. Atlanta (aka: ARGHtlanta: the Sea-Sickest Sailor in the Seven Seas)

Hey all back at home. Can’t believe we are almost at the end of our journey. To say it has been amazing is an understatement. Thanks everyone who helped me get here, you have given me so much. I miss you all heaps and can’t wait to tell you all my tales from the high seas. Thinking of you all. Love Mon

Tom here, I made the comment during my second morning brief address during command period that this trip has dug a grave for the expectations I had prior to stepping on board, buried those expectations and then done inappropriate things at the funeral. I’ve had an absolute ball and it’s hard to believe that this fine group of people might never be seen as a group together ever again! I’ve definitely made some good pals over the last 50 days and have gathered many memories that I will treasure for some time. Not sure how my month solo in Europe is going to compare to this incredible journey – the bar has been set pretty high! Awesome to have Red watch back together as we crossed the English Channel the other night during our guts watch, they’re a bunch of good eggs. Also, just quickly, France was cool and being officer of the watch during command period was also cool but I’ll give a more in-depth update when I send an email from Southampton. Take care, I’ll see you in a month. Tom x