44° 18' North
7° 13' West

Currently located in the south of the Bay of Biscay and experiencing light and variable winds with a confused swell. Current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 16 degrees. 

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 42 of our voyage. As forecast the conditions moderated overnight and we all awoke to a beautiful sunny morning in the Bay of Biscay.

In preparation for the commencement of the 48hr Command Period we have been busy today with briefs, elections and many questions being asked about the duties and responsibilities of all of us Staff Members. Having completed all of this and everything else that they have learnt during the past 42 days onboard I am sure that they are well and truly ready to take Command of Young Endeavour tomorrow.

It will be an interesting 48hrs with a number of tasks to be achieved and a mystery destination to reach by Sunday morning. As with everything we do onboard I am sure that it will be a lot of fun with everyone learning a lot along the way.

Tonight’s log has been written by Yak and Alison, so please enjoy reading about their day.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Captains Log: 04 June 15

Hey there shipmates,

\\\"Cafe\\\"Hope all is well in the real world. Life at sea continues to float on as the days get shorter and we near our command period, the excitement and nerves build as the reality of it all hits us. Today was another one of those warm sunny days with clear skies, light winds and a confused sea, which was a bright surprise to wake up to after yesterday’s strong northerlies and large swells. The calmer weather awarded Taffy the opportunity to whip us into shape with a PT session which, as usual pushed all those who attended to their limits.

As usual Jenko and Masterchefs treated all onboard to sensational meals throughout the day to keep us lively. Bubblegum watch was taken a back when Dan was sporting a red and black frilly apron up on deck with mop and bucket in hand to clean up the fruit salad in the café after some wild helming. He still managed to chuck Miquela a twerk ;)

Ropies today was held with a bit of a twist, ‘The Battle of the Sexes’ or ‘Witches vs. Dragons’, where apparently the witches flew high on their broomsticks and claim to have sleighed the dragons. “Pfft, yeah alright mate!”

Command day elections were held at 1515 in the hands of the crewies. All was held in a very calm and orderly fashion, showing the mature attitudes and readiness of all onboard. Nominations were held where each crewie could either self nominate or accept a nomination from another member. The nominees gave a quick 15-20 second spiel on why they would suit a certain position. A blind vote was then held for each position. The following positions were awarded to the following crewies:

- Captain: Derry D. , Ann C. (Each for 24 hours)

- Sail master: Tim H.

- Navigator: Lachlan B.

- Watch Officer: Thomas P.

- Watch Leaders: Jacob M. (Yak), Kirra S., Monica P.

- Chefs: Atlanta T., Reina D., Timothy P.

- Engineers: Alison N., Pip G., Jared F.

- Bubblegum Watch: Dan C., Sarah H.

- Jaffa Watch: Victoria S., Cameron R., James M., Ailesh M.

- Mint Watch: Lucy M., Nikki F., Mitch H., Zach D.

Everyone is extremely thrilled with the opportunity to take control of this great ship. All are madly preparing and chatting to their respective staffies in order for a 1000 handover.

Fair winds and following seas V04/15 World Voyagers.

Cheers, Yak and Alison.

Shout outs

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! I wish I was there with you to celebrate and have a few Friday night birthday