33° 21' North
13° 30' West

Currently located 400nm to the SW of Cadiz motor sailing against a strong 20-25kt NE wind with a 2m NE swell. Current temperature is a cool 14 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 41 of our voyage. Well our 48hr Command period is well underway and going extremely well with our crew of Shellbacks clearly demonstrating that they have the skills to successfully run this magnificent Ship.


Ex Captain Nicole has now handed the Ship over to Captain Cassie who is doing a wonderful job of leading her Crew and despite still battling strong headwinds we are making steady speed towards our Passage 2 voyage destination of Cadiz.



Tonight Captain Cassie has the task of writing Captains Log so please enjoy reading about her day and the exploits of her wonderful Crew.

Until tomorrow, take care.



Yours Aye

Captain Gav



Captain’s Log – 28 Mar 15

Day 41 –

Ahoy there. This is Cassie your Captain here, reporting from 257 nautical miles off the west coast of Morocco. It was decided early on this morning to furl and brail all bar one of our sails and make a beeline straight to Cadiz. Unfortunately the weather Gods haven’t been extremely kind to us but we’re pushing through. We’re now back on a relatively even keel allowing the starboard engine to spring back to life and power us forward at around 4.5-5 knots. All fingers and toes are crossed for an arrival into Cadiz on the 1st of April for a cocktail reception at 1800, 410 nm to go!



Day 2 of our command period started with a sleep in for us weary sailors, and a handover from the previous command team at 1000. Our usual daily brief was as entertaining as always with our resident navi-gangstas recapping on the shenanigans of the previous night, including Julies accidental tack and subsequent donut, the mysterious disappearance of Sandy’s beanie, and the recovery of said beanie frozen in a bucket of water.



Our 3 chefo’s knocked it out of the park once again with an amazing lunch and dinner spread. Toasties, about thyme chicken, brownies, and banana splits just to name a few of the tasty treats. Nic also ran a taekwondo session at midships in the afternoon, a challenge set to her by a group of her students at home. Those of us on the bridge on the first dog watch this evening, while waiting very patiently to be relieved for dinner, were treated to THE FIRST WHALE OF OUR VOYAGE! (I’m sure you can sense my excitement). Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of it, but it was definitely bigger than a dolphin so we’re all claiming it.



The temperature is staying fairly steady at about 15 degrees, however the wind chill is more evident than ever. We may have been wondering why we all stocked up on winter woolies after sleeping in 30+ degree heat in Rio, however I assure you now we’re all thankful for every last thermal layer. Also for the thermal socks, thanks Mum! It seems like a lifetime ago we left on our little adventure but sadly the end is drawing near, although not if the weather has anything to do with it!

Over and out.

Captain Cass