20° 17' South
149° 3' East

Currently at anchor at Whitehaven Beach and enjoying light ESE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 17 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 4 of our voyage. The Youth Crew awoke to a fine morning well rested from our night at anchor. We kicked of the morning at 0630 with an early morning activity which this morning consisted of a competitive round of Knight’s and Cavaliers followed by one of Haydon’s big breakfasts.

Following morning brief and cleaning stations the anchor was weighed and with the assistance of a 10-15kt south westerly breeze the ship brought under fore and aft sail as we departed Pioneer Bay. On entering the Whitsunday Passage the wind veered to the south which forced us to hand in the majority of sail and motor sail down to Fitzalan Passage were we launched our boat so that it could drop into Hamilton Island Marina and pickup an electrical part that we had been waiting on since the weekend.

Once the boat had returned we transited through the Dent Passage (experiencing heavy rain squalls along the way) and back into open water were we again brought the ship under sail and shaped a new course for Whitehaven Beach. During the next two hows we adjusted our sail plan to meet the ever changing weather conditions which finally settled allowing us to pass through the Solway Passage under sail. Once through this passage all sail was handed in and we proceeded to anchor just of the world famous Whitehaven Beach

This evening with the picturesque Whitehaven Beach as our backdrop we enjoyed a magnificent Teak Deck BBQ which was followed by an enjoyable round of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise). To finish the evenings program Miquela the Navigator gave a brief on keeping the ship safe whilst at anchor.

The time is now 2115 and the Youth Crew have now settled into their anchor watches for the night which will ensure that everyone is well rested for the days ahead.

Tomorrow morning it is our intention to ferry the Youth Crew ashore were they will be given the opportunity to enjoy a couple of hours on Whitehaven Beach prior to us weighing anchor and continuing our passage south.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav