33° 40' South
151° 25' East

Weather: fine and partly cloudy, Wind: 020/12 kts, Temp: 18 deg. C, Swell: 1.0 m easterly

Ahoy there Shipmates,

We had a restful night at anchor in Athol Bay just off the Taronga Park Zoo with the light breeze gently rocking the ship overnight. Youth Crew got their first experience of anchor watches, during which they were responsible for monitoring the safety of the Ship through the night.

Adam’s choice of Wakey wakey song played over the Ship’s broadcast stirred those not on watch out of their slumber at 0630 and motivated everyone to get up on deck for a quick game of ‘Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers’, prior to one of Haydo’s scrumptious breakfasts.

We all mustered on the bridge for the ceremony of ‘Colours’ at 0800, after which we had the morning brief. Salty explained the origin of another nautical expression ‘Shake a Leg’, after which Nana paid us a visit and gave the crew some more pointers on the importance of tidiness and cleanliness onboard. After that she added another song, ‘When I was one I sucked my thumb and ran away to Sea’, to our repertoire.

The crew then launched into ‘Happy Hour’ to ensure the Ship was clean and tidy. At 0900 I gave part one of my Sail Theory presentation after which the Staffies weighed anchor and we shaped a course to exit the Harbour and put to sea. As soon as we could we set sails but due to the light and variable winds we were forced to motor-sail. After lunch we had round two of ‘Rope Races’ which was followed by Watch Officer Matt’s nautical rule-of-the-road brief. After a break for tea Sail Master Adam gave the square sails brief and then the watches practised setting and clewing-up the Topsail square sail. Towards the end of the afternoon watch the breeze freshened to 10 knots from the east which allowed us to set a full press of sail including the Topsail and Top Gallant squares.

It is planned to remain at sea overnight, anchoring off Patonga in the Hawkesbury River to put the Youth Crew ashore to play some sport and conduct mid-voyage chats with their Watch Leaders.

Until tomorrow evening.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike