Voyage name: 
V12/19 Brisbane to Sydney
22 Jul - 01 Aug 2019
32 42s
152 08e
Wind: Light and variable Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Nelson Bay, Port Stephens
Ahoy shipmates...Day 4. After a slightly "bouncy" night, invoking a visit from the green goblin and causing a number of the youth crew to visit the ship's side, another busy...and long, day ensued under clear and sunny skies. As I write we are at anchor in Nelson Bay, arriving earlier this evening. All are looking forward to a good nights sleep in the sheltered waters of the bay...myself included! As the gang have covered the day's activities below there is nought for me to add, other than... until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny---------- Day four The day began with some quality etymology on the nautical term ‘SHIT’!!!!!! (Store High In Transit) from our resident Salty. Rotational tacks where each watch completed every station of tacking followed, allowing each watch to gain an insight into the goings on for all the positions during a tack. Kyle, our good mate, gave us an informative lesson on the ‘rules of the road’ for safe navigation in the oceans. Zac and his minions whipped up a storm in the galley, producing the goods required for wrap making. After some quality downtime (Caitlin napping), we commenced round two of ‘Rope Races’, in which we were tested on our staysail knowledge. Later we were allocated groups for the made up game of ‘three way chats’, in which our champion staffies, Navaguru Harry and True Blue, Zimbabwean officer of the watch Kyle gave us a brilliant demonstration on how to participate. Then we began our journey through building relations with our new and exciting PEEPS/youth crew. Down time soon followed, whilst the staffies piloted the Vessel into a brilliant sunset. We were joined by some playful dolphins as the sun sank below the rocky skyline on our approach to Port Stephens and Nelson Bay. Zac and his esteemed underlings prepared a fair dinkum feed whilst we anchored up. After polishing up some delectable appetisers of cheese platters and crackers, we dug into some succulent Emu, Crocodile, Roo and “I might add, Vege Sausages”. After inhaling some juicy Pavlova we began our three way chats by impersonating and describing the life of our fellow youthies. We were then allocated our reduced anchor watches, which allows for a better night sleep for all. P.S. Shout out to Naomi and John in WA, Hi mum and dad all is good and well, look forward to seeing you next week! Also to Missy in West Penno, I’m alive! Hey fambam am alive and conscious, no stress ain’t dead. Eli Bamber!;) Eli Bamber, Caitlin Ryan and Charlie Jenkinson.
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