Voyage name: 
V20/18 Sydney to Sydney
09 Dec - 19 Dec 2018
32 42s
152 08e
Wind: NE at 13 knots Weather: Overcast Location: At anchor Nelson Bay
Ahoy Shipmates. Day 4 - daybreak found us just to the east of Port Stephens in once again light airs and overcast conditions. The morning was filled with morning brief, rotational tacks (see below) and happy hour before we made our way to anchor in Nelson Bay. After a quick lunch, 3 way talk demo, and boat briefs, the Youth Crew were ferried ashore for some time on terra firma. On return sea furls of the square sails and mainsail were followed by our first teak deck bbq of the voyage. Once squared away after dinner we rolled into 3 way talks (see below), an anchor watch brief from Navigator Ivanka and then anchor watches overnight, with the Youth Crew assisting to keep the ship safe at anchor. But enough from me, until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny...-...Over to the Youth Crew! Captain’s Log 12 Dec 18 Coming into the port we had the delight of a close encounter with dolphins swimming alongside the port side of the ship, setting a good vibe for the day. This morning’s wakeup call was a parody of “Come on Eileen” that was piercingly sung by the crew of white watch. As shown below: So come on youth team | | the weathers been mean || at this moment || you missed sunrise || get on out || eat some breakfast || we anchor today || land ahoy || we’re the white team || oh been up since three || sleep deprived || lets go youth team! We had a visit from ‘Jerome’s’ Nana to help teach us a lesson about keeping a tidy bunk on the Young Endeavour. She also taught us a great song and dance which even trumps Baby Shark. It was called ‘Crabs and sea shells’ and we all had a ball singing it with the specially choreographed dance moves!! Crabs and sea shells x2 Big sharks too x2 Octopus and penguins x2 Dolphins too x2 We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Dwayne “The rock” Johnson, Jackie Chan, Bill Nye, and Nicole Kidman, who performed a skit teaching us the history of the cat of 9 tales and how it was used to punish drunken sailors. Each watch was taken the other watch's tacking stations today in preparation for our command day. Making our way in to harbour we were required furling all the sails and tying the gasket (more climbing). Blue Watch is currently smashing the Ropie’s competition (a daily round of testing our knowledge of the ship). When we anchored in Port Stephens, went ashore on the RHIB and did a get to you know you game called Three ways. We had to learn all about each other in groups of three and had to present to the entire ship the other members in our group pretending as if we were them. This brought up some very entertaining stories and had everyone in stitches. We also had to do a charades of the other’s favourite movie, TV show or book. On shore we had 2 hours and the entire time we felt sick to our stomachs, still rocking back and forth due to sea legs. Kapt’n Ken Dawg said we’d be best off giving a tree a hug, that didn’t work out so well for some people who puked more on land than in the past 3 days sailing because of reverse seasickness *cough* cough* Sarah. Along with eating some of Australia’s finest ice creams a few of the youth crew went for a dip although Hastie and Adz couldn’t hold up to the cold water they left Liv in the water alone. Marcus put on a spread for the teak deck BBQ. With a cheese and dip platter as the starter and tropical fruit and chocolate brownie for dessert. The boys became very competitive with hand ball and a tough game of placing the casing (hard to describe!). After dinner we had an anchor brief to begin ancor watches overnight. Later land lovers - Olivia, Sarah and Adam
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not, unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not, the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan - press on - has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. Calvin Coolidge.