Voyage name: 
V02/21 Sydney to Sydney
09 Mar - 19 Mar 2021
35 01s
150 46e
Wind: NNE at 10 knots Weather: Overcast, passing showers Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Montagu Point, Jervis Bay.
Ahoy shipmates...Day 4. Jervis Bay. A rested and healthy (ie not sea-sick) youth crew have had a busy day, as aptly described below by Andrea and Ruby. Not much more for me to add. We will spend another night in Jervis Bay before heading out tomorrow into some decidedly untidy weather...just what Young Endeavour was built for! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K----------After a rocky 24 hours at sea we finally arrived at Jervis Bay and dropped anchor! Everyone felt much better in the calmer waters and we were able to get up from our vomiting stations and have a laugh. We had much more of an appetite for dinner, which was tasty fried rice with prawns (thanks again Keely for the most delicious food in the world!!) Our night watches were shortened from 4 hours to 1 hour long, and we were very grateful for that. We had a much better sleep and dreamt well into the morning (that is, until 0630 hours), unbothered by the hell that is a night on rocky seas. We awoke to rainy weather and threatening skies, much to our dismay as we had previously hoped to set foot on the sandy shore. Drizzling rain continued to fall all morning, enough to be somewhat uncomfortable but not enough to dampen our spirits. So, instead of going to the beach as we had hoped we practiced tacking stations, which was fun and educational as we performed rotational tacking and tacked around the bay five times. This was followed by a fun and very (non)competitive game of ropies (Reggie may or may not be standing over our shoulders as we write this), which white watch won (Andrea: whoooo go team!!) followed by red watch then blue watch. As the sun came out and the ocean looked more blue, we finally got to go for a swim, courtesy of Captain Kenny <3 The rope swing was brought out and we jumped off the swinging rope and off the bowsprit, which was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. As expected, both back flips and belly flops occurred, which was highly entertaining. Our time spent in the water also provided a perfect opportunity to appreciate the remnants of yesterday's meals regurgitated down the port side of the boat. As we emerged from the clear water, the sun was shining and the dolphins swam by to say hello, splashing around and putting on a glittering afternoon show for us. After we dried off and warmed up, Jerome treated us to a riveting navigation lesson in which we learnt to take a bearing, use a slide ruler and what a knot is, with the odd game of ball in stocking (you had to be there), luv ya jez. We were treated to the opportunity of a get to know your crew mates game which ending in the whole crew playing an amazing card game of Joker - shout out to winner Tasha! To conclude the afternoon, our 1800 dinner was a delicious barbecue cooked by the one and only TJ, which we ate overlooking a million dollar view of the Jervis Bay sparkling white sand and waving goodbye to the dolphins as they swam their last circle around the Endeavour. Now on to play charades! Shoutouts to the loved ones: Andrea: Hi Mum, Dad, Grandma, Brownie, and all family at home and overseas!!! I love you all lots and am thinking about you every day. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love you, Andrea xoxoxoxoxo Ruby: Hi everyone at home!!! Mum, Dad, Ed huuuge hugs and lots of love from Jervis Bay. Made it all the way down here without a single vomit. Absolutely loving it here, the staff and everyone else are amazing! Can't wait to come back home and see you all. (Give the cats an extra pat for me and don't forget to feed the fish) Infinite love, Rubes xoxo
Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. Nelson Mandela