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Currently located 505nm from sydney and experiencing moderate - strong NNE winds with a 2m northerly swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

\\\"\\\"Welcome to day 4 of our voyage and Merry Christmas to you all!!. Again overnight in good conditions we have continued to make good speed.

This morning we awoke to White Watches nautical rendition of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ followed by Kenny and his White Watch backup singers with ‘Rudolf the Red Nose Rain Deer’.

Following our normal big breakfast (eggs, bacon, fruit, cereal and blueberry pancakes ect) we conducted a Christmas inspired morning brief which was followed by cleaning stations and yes we even clean ship on Christmas morning.

Christmas lunch followed with Chef Aaron again excelling with his culinary skills. Lunch today consisted of Baked Ham, Garlic Prawns, Lamb Korma, Rice, Stroganoff Vol u vant’s and a variety of cold meats and salads, what a feast!!

After all of this wonderful food we naturally had to let everyone go and have an afternoon siesta and given that it is Christmas we decided to give everyone the afternoon off so that they could enjoy each others company and reflect on how special it is to be spending Christmas half way across the Tasman Sea on this amazing ship.

As always being at sea we have to keep the ship running so with Christmas celebrations complete we have now settled into our watches for the night ensuring that the ship is kept safe and we continue to make good speed to Wellington.

The time is now 2000 and since departing Sydney we have now sailed 505nm.

From all of the Crew of STS Young Endeavour have a safe and enjoyable Christmas!!

Please find attached Christmas wishes from some of the Crew.

Merry Christmas

Captain Gav






Thanks for the pressie Mum & Dad – chocolate for breakfast makes the heart grow fonder. Love you xxx Grace

Dear All, thanks for all the support. Have a wonderful Christmas. I love you all xox Connie

Hey Mum, Dad, Ange, Max and Bec just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas we are making great progress and having epic fun. Ho ho ho Sam.

Thanks for the pressies Mum, hi to Dad, Gramps and the rest of the fam. Merry Christmas, love you all. XOX Caitlin

Hi Mum, Dad, Will, Lil, Anne, and Kristy. Merry Christmas from the Tasman Sea! Hope you are having a great day. Love Julia xx

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas from sea! Hope you all eat and drink too much today. Shannon. :D

Hey its Reece, Merry Christmas Mum, nan and grandad Hayley and most of all Ashlea xoxoxo. I love you all and il be back soon. Hope your all having a swell time.

Merry Christmas Mum, Dad, Laura, Grandpa, the rest of the family, and Matthew I miss you all so much and its only day 4 haha. Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas full of joy, lots of food and relaxation. Love you lots. Olivia 

Hello Family! Merry Christmas and all that jazz! Currently 3ish days out of Wellington, good sailing weather so far. I made the mistake of getting sunburnt first day out unfortunately. At least I haven’t been seasick like a lot of the rest. Bit of a trial by fire for some. Love you all, stay safe, Karri.

Hi everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas this year. Even out in the middle of the Tasman Sea we have had Christmas dinner with bonbons and Christmas hats, although no champagne breakfast. We brought in the morning watch and woke everyone with a Christmas song, which was fun. Love to you all, Rose.

Dad, Mum, Mel, JJ, Jess and extended family. Merry Xmas Fam Bam!!! I missed the pork crackling, juicy turkey and your Christmas cuddles today BUT we still had an epic leg of ham that I managed to keep down haha Santa even visited! Love you all loads – Lauren xxxxx

Hi Mum, Dad, Bob, Gabe and Nic! Merry Christmas! In case you’re wondering, I still had a big Christmas lunch, even in the middle of the sea. Love you all – Kieran

Merry Christmas to all my family around Australia, Ivanah in the Antarctic and my housemates. Love Rusty.

Merry Christmas Caley, Mum, Dad, Alice (and Loki and Atlas). Missing all of you and hope you’re all taking care and enjoying a great feast. Lots of love, Hannah

Merry Christmas to Ellie, Liz, Mum, Dad and Vic as well as other friends and family!! Hope everyone had a great day. We’re having a great time out here, challenging at times but that makes it even better. Spent first four hours of Christmas day hauling sails up and down, got another 4 hours of it tonight to round out the day!! Love you and miss you all, Greg.

Merry Christmas to all my lovelies at home! Hope you’ve had an amazing day and Mum’s ham was as good as ours. Been sick as a dog of course since I was boasting I’d be fine but on the mend and soldiering on! Happy Birthday Lizz! Don’t miss me too much.
Love, Stephanie.

Hey guys, hope you’re still managing to have fun without me, I know it will be hard, but hey, stick in there. I’ve thought about you once or twice so far, so I haven’t completely forgotten about you. You can tell me all about the spelling mistakes in this post when I get back mum ;)
Love you all, Henry

Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas from sea to you all. Hope Santa found you X, E, River and Charlie.

Love to you all, Robyn.

Have a wonderful day! I am currently in wet weather gear pondering to put some thermals on. Missing the tropics already. Hope you enjoyed the wrapping Stuart and Robyn. Have fun in the Wet Season Races, Love Krystin