40° 58' North
28° 52' East

Currently alongside in Istanbul and enjoying light and variable conditions.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 4 of our voyage. Since departing Cannakale last night we have enjoyed a pleasant sail down through the Dardanelles then across the Marmara Sea and safely arrived in Istanbul at 1800 this evening. The conditions have been perfect with beautiful calm seas and light SW winds which has given our new Word Voyagers a gentle start to their voyage.

\\\"CaptainsAs planned we have continued with a busy program throughout the day which has included our first morning brief followed by a good set of cleaning stations (Happy Hour), Captains and Sail Master chats, a Man Overboard Exercise and finally a set of Rope Races, with all of these activities completed prior to our arrival in Istanbul.

This evening it was straight into harness briefs followed by climbs of the foremast which at 2220 is nearly complete.

During our stay here in Istanbul we have organised a number of interesting tours for the Crew and will also host a casual ‘Sundowners’ reception onboard tomorrow evening which will give the World Voyagers the opportunity to show our guests our magnificent ship.

As the last of the Crew are now coming down from the foremast I had better finish the Log and go and congratulate them on their efforts throughout the day. Already they have impressed me with their motivation and willingness to learn and I am sure that this will be another great voyage.

Due to the ship being alongside in Istanbul until the 2nd May the Captains Log will not be written again until our departure.

Until next time, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav