33° 33' South
159° 47' East
Motor Sailing under all plain sail
Wind South East 18KTS
Hi Everyone

What a great couple of days it has been! After a slow start with some
contrary winds and currents, we are now well into the Tasman Sea with
750 nautical miles to run to Opua in the Bay of Islands.

Watches have now bedded down well, with everyone working as a team.
Yesterday we completed a last safety requirement, that of being
able to tack the ship, and today we moved to \Stage Two\". This means
that all Youth Crew have demonstrated that they are able to work
their part of ship safely and efficiently, and are able to climb and
work aloft without their Staff Watch Leaders.

With sea-sickness now a thing of the past, there has been an outbreak
of morale onboard- don't worry, we're working on that, and the
floggings will continue! With XO Dion pushing the training program
along, the Youth Crew have been working on their first lectures in
preparation for taking over the ship on Command Day.

We stopped the ship for a mid-ocean swim this morning as there was no
wind - all had a great time, with Monica challenging herself by
taking the leap from the bowsprit with a couple of her shipmates -
we haven't been able to keep the smile off her dial since...

The ship will continue our passage eastwards for the next few days,
making up time as we go when the conditions are favourable. We are
presently making good a speed of nine knots, which if we keep it up
will have us in Opua a day early on Friday.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer