37° 6' North
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Currently at anchor at Porto De Portimao and experiencing moderate NW winds with .5m NW swell. Current temperature is 20 degrees.

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to day 37 of our voyage. Following a restful night at anchor we put Mon and Dr Nick ashore early this morning to the local Porto De Portimao hospital so that they could get an X-ray/Scan done of Mon’s Wrist and the good news is that it came back clear! with no major damage to the wrist which was great for Mon but also for all of us because the last thing that we wanted to happen was to have to say farewell to a World Voyager Crew Member before the completion of the voyage.



While Mon was at the hospital we took the opportunity to ferry everyone ashore so that they could enjoy a few hours in Portugal and the beautiful seaside town of Portimao. Not that I have seen anyone yet but the reports that I am getting from the rest of the Staff Crew is that everyone has enjoyed themselves and are very appreciative of this unexpected short notice stopover in Portugal.



By 2100 tonight we will have everyone back onboard so that they can keep their normal anchor watches overnight and be ready for us to get underway again early tomorrow morning. Hopefully the worst of bad weather will have now passed down the west coast of Portugal and Spain but I am sure that there is still a bit of rough weather ahead of prior to us reaching the Bay of Biscay and finally Southampton. As much as we would like to avoid it the reality is that this is what sailing is all about so we will just have to accept whatever the ‘weather gods’ throw at us.



Given that the World Voyagers are not back on board yet this will have to b e a short Captains Log for tonight with a longer one to follow tomorrow telling you all about their short visit to Portimao.



Until tomorrow, take care.



Yours Aye



Captain Gav