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Currently experiencing gale force 30-40kt NW winds with a 4-5m swell. Current temperature is 6 degrees with a wind chill of -6. 

Hi Everyone,


\\\\\\"Welcome to day 33 of our voyage. You will have to excuse tonight’s entry being fairly short but we are right in the middle of handing in some sail due to strengthening winds. That has certainly been the theme of today due to the ever changing conditions but we did have one big win this morning with achieving a quick repair to our damaged jib (Well done Taff, Sandy and all of your helpers).



Tonight’s Log has been written by Shannon still who still managed to find some time between everything else that has been going on to string a few words together. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care



Yours Aye

Captain Gav



\\\"\\\"Today we sailed east. We have been brought the strong wind and big swell we all expected our passage of the Southern Ocean to contain.



The last 48 hours have been some of the most active sailing of our voyage. Earlier this morning we watched Taffy climb aloft to repair our jib, allowing us to pick up some much needed speed as we travel towards our next destination of Ushuaia. All watches have been busy setting and furling sails in tough conditions. But we all have enthusiastically welcomed the chance to experience all that the Southern Ocean has to offer.



Last night there was a wind change that caused us to wear the ship, keeping our watch busy for most of the night. With the change, the sea briefly calmed and the clouds lifted, revealing the stars for the first time in recent memory. If you lay on the deck for long enough you were treated to familiar constellations, fast moving satellites and the bright streaks of shooting stars. For me, this was a reminder of where we are and what a special journey 36 of us is on. Sailing alone in the vast Southern Ocean.

Tomorrow; we sail east.






P.S. Hey Nanny thanks for the email, too busy driving. Talk later. From Karri

The Legend aboard…

Deep in these Southern Oceans there is a particular being which dwells amongst our racks. Some call him God, for at will, he can giveth and taketh away the simple comforts of warmth and light, or plunge the STS Young Endeavour into an eternal silent darkness.



Legend has it that he does not sleep as his kin, but lays awake each eve until the wee hours of the morning, choosing whether we are to receive the blessing of speed on a new day. One thing is sure; this man walks amongst us unrivalled with his swift and relentless ability to make the ships most catastrophic events simply vanish behind the walls of its silver heart. Effortlessly, he has tamed its roaring sirens and screeching calls night after night only to walk through its corridors like any other mortal at dawn.



To us at his mercy, his remarkable labours and talents can be summoned when in dire need with but a whisper of his name, Lindsey the Engineer.