55° 43' South
97° 41' West

Currently located 950nm from Cape Horn and experiencing 15-20KT NNW winds with a 2m WNW swell. Current temperature is 7 degrees with a wind chill of -4.

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to day 30 of our voyage. The wind moderated again today which was quite unexpected and even the sun made a welcome appearance which really was a pleasant surprise. Looking at the forecast this is probably the calm before the storm as we are expecting the weather to deteriorate overnight and the wind to strengthen considerably which we really need so that we can round the Horn and make Ushuaia by the weekend.



Today we again moved the Watches around which will be the final time prior to reuniting everyone in their original Watch for the final weeks of the voyage.



Normally I have to call for volunteers to write the Log (sometimes ‘Press Gang’ them into it) but not tonight as Greg kindly volunteered to do it. Enjoy his story!!



Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav



PS Lindsey our Engineer & all the Staff and Crew on board for this leg of our World Voyage would like to wish his Beautiful Sister Amanda a Very Happy Birthday (20th Jan). xxox

19th January 2015 (Day 30)



Ahoy there family, friends, future World Voyagers and all others playing along from a home on the dry stuff that doesn’t roll, with showers that you don’t have to hold on in and plates that you don’t have to rotate…



We’re all still alive! Somewhere in the vicinity of 1200NM of that hallowed southern cape at the end of the world and the world’s southern-most city, Ushuaia.



Today started with a rather cold and windy Guts watch for the Mopeds (Mother of Pearl) watch. With winds gusts of 30+ knots causing wind chill temps to plummet well below 0C, crew rotation below decks was important to ensure no one got colder than was necessary. However, by the end of this watch the wind decided to play games again and dropped right off. She’ll be back though, as our resident navi-guesser Paige keeps telling us…



We finished this guts watch with a 0330 sunrise (just the ever-present clouds getting brighter) always a bit of a strange experience but oddly enough one that we are all getting accustomed to. However, rumour has it that we are changing time zones tonight (from -7 to -6) so this problem of ridiculously early sunrises shall hopefully be alleviated for another few days.



Following watch a well-deserved sleep was enjoyed until breakfast at 0700, followed by Morning brief at 0915. Spirits were soaring at the confirmation from Captain Gav that we will be rounding the Horn!! After nearly 4 weeks at sea by the time we reach it, this will be a significant high point for everyone and a perfect way to top off what has been a remarkable voyage for everyone aboard.



The usual morning ritual of Happy Hour then followed, followed by lunch. Today marked the 2nd watch rotation of the voyage (new watches are Redskins (Red), Minties (White) and Ka-Bluey (Blue)). With watches beginning at 1600, this gave everybody the day off to catch up on journals, read a book, or just become reacquainted with our old friend, the Sun, who decided to make an appearance. Taffy also ran another of his PT sessions, which was greatly appreciated by the majority of the crew.



Currently the time is 1920 and we are at 55.4S 98.01W. The wind speed has been a steady 15-20 knots and we’re anticipating another change in the next 24 hours that will blow us all the way to our journeys end. We’re settling into watches overnight, as we keep our eyes peeled for signs of a world ashore that we will soon be re-entering.



Yours Aye

Greg (Minties…mmm)



PS: Oh, and Karri is still yet to wear pants (long pants that is)



Lindsey our Engineer & all the Staff and Crew on board for this leg of our World Voyage would like to wish his Beautiful Sister Amanda a Very Happy Birthday (20th Jan).