Voyage name: 
V12/21 Gladstone to Brisbane
05 Sep - 15 Sep 2021
24 58.5 S
153 12.9 E
Weather: Fine. Wind: SE @10kts. Temp: 15. Swell: Nil.
Ahoy there family, friends and followers. On the fine morning of day 3, Red Watch kicked things off before breakfast with a climb to the lower top, allowing for fantastic views of the sunrise. A few crew members also opted to head onto the bowsprit, where they were greeted by a few inquisitive whales, dolphins and turtles.

After a rough (and fairly sleepless) night on the waves, Sailmaster Keithy decided to go easy on the youthies by giving them a surprise morning free from sailing duties, anchoring off Fraser Island instead, giving everyone on board a chance to settle their stomachs. After letting the crew relax for an hour or two both on and below deck, Engineer Reggie put the crew through a safety recap, challenging them to find various items of lifesaving equipment around the ship.

Keely smashed it with another fantastic lunch, and the crew were treated to views of a pod of whales showing off for some nearby whalewatching vessels while eating. After that, the ship’s navigator Emma (with a bit of help from Matty) gave a quick navigation lesson, covering how to put a fix on a chart using several different methods. The youthies then buddied up with each other to prepare for a quick charades night, also getting a chance to know everyone on board a little better.

Dinner was fantastic as always – tonight’s special was BBQ night, with a delicious pavlova to top it off (thanks again Keely!). Tonight will see the crew split into smaller watch groups for anchor watch shifts, just to make sure the ship remains stationary at anchor.

Quote of the day: “Arrrr, me hearties”. – Emma, Navigator for Young Endeavour.