Voyage name: 
V13/19 Sydney to Newcastle
04 Nov - 14 Nov 2019
33 35s
151 12e
Wind: Light and variable Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Jerusalem Bay (Broken Bay)
Ahoy shipmates...Day 3 and perfect weather. After a bumpy introduction to life at sea in YE, the conditions gradually eased overnight and sunrise found us just to the east of Barrenjoey Head under sail. After a quick breakfast we rolled straight into a series of tacks to familiarise the youth crew with their tacking stations, before handing in sail and heading into the beautiful Broken Bay...anchoring of Patonga Beach for a few hours to ferry the crew ashore for some dry land action and tree hugging (sure fire cure for sea sickness...or so I'm told!). In the late afternoon we relocated to the serene Jerusalem Bay for our first teak deck bbq and 3 way talks. We will remain here overnight with the youth crew keeping anchor watches (1 hour instead of 4), assisting to keep the ship safe. Tomorrow we will depart for the transit south to Jervis Bay...another beautiful part of the world. That's it from promised I have enlisted some Captain's Log support from the youth over to Logan and Sam. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny. Captains Log: Day 3 – 6 November 2019 Red Watch: Logan White Watch: Sam Logan and Sam writing from Jerusalem bay after sailing 59 nautical miles overnight to get to Broken bay and a further six nautical miles to get here. Even though most of us were incredibly sea sick the day before, regardless of taking tablets and various other remedies, most had recovered by today. Going back to last night White watch started off with the first watch from 2000-0000. During the watch we furled both the forestay stay sail and the main sail whilst most were suffering from seasickness. Blue watch saw its fair share of seasickness with two people on helm with sick bags in their hands’ and one person vomiting from the course yard, which luckily went into the ocean. An illegal green laser pointer was seen coming from the horizon. Red watch got the 0400-0800 watch where we more or less got to cruise around. This was very much in our favor as almost all of us were sea sick. Most of us vomited except for Billy(we’re 90% sure that he’s invincible). A little after sun rise we saw a pod of dolphins (likely attracted to our puke) and unlucky me, I left my camera down stairs. Today we learned the tacking and got our positions, which we keep for the whole voyage. The jib required almost the entire crew to heave in an appropriate amount. We found an issue with our synchronization but quickly fixed it. Shortly after that we motored into broken bay where we were assigned three-way chats (basically we learn stuff about the other crew members and then later impersonate them) and chilled for a few hours, where most of us went on a short hike through national park, up to an incredible lookout over the bay. The views were really spectacular and the weather was clear and calm, very different to the past few days. We all enjoyed winding down. After getting back on board we participated in several games including a game of uno with around 17 people, which unfortunately did not work as well as many of us had wished. Dinner consisted of an amazing Barbeque featuring several different meats many of the crew members hadn’t tried before, including kangaroo, emu, and crocodile followed by an incredible Pavlova Made up by Curly, Lily, Zac and,me(Logan). Shoutouts: Logan:I love you Mom and Allan and I miss you very much. Sam: mum and dad I hope our cats aren’t missing me too much.
Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones. John Lennon