20° 47' South
149° 15' East

(At anchor Brampton Is) Weather: occasional passing shower, Wind: 110/12 kn, Swell: nil Temp: 22 deg C 

G’day Shipmates,

The ship remained at sea overnight making way northwards up the Central QLD Coast. The Youth Crew each kept their first night watch last night, which means they were awake for 4 hours during the night, keeping the ship safe. The watches got the opportunity to set and furl some sails during their overnight watches in the fresh South-Easterly conditions. At least a third of the youthies had suffered from sea sickness during the night. Whilst the swell wasn’t very large, no more than 1.0 metres, it was short so the Ship was moving around all the time.

White Watch woke us at 0700 with a song they had written themselves. We had Morning Brief at 0900, at which Miquela the Nav explained where we had been in the last 24 hrs and gave a bit of information about the geologic history of the area. Next ‘Salty’ (Jarred) explained the nautical origin of the expression ‘freeze the balls off a brass monkey’ and Nana appeared for the first time, giving the youthies some tips on why they should keep their sleeping areas clean and put all their clothes away in their lockers. After that she taught the youthies their first song, ‘Crabs and Sea Shells’.

Morning Brief was followed by ‘Happy Hour’; however numbers were down as many could not bear the thought of venturing between decks in the rolling Ship. After wearing-Ship we set the Jib, Mainsail, Top Gallant and the Topsail and picked-up some speed to make ground towards Brampton Island. It was decided, due to the number of sick youthies, about half the crew now, it was decided, instead of the usual second night at sea before anchoring, to proceed to anchor this afternoon in order to give the crew some respite from the incessant rolling. A good night’s sleep will help everyone find their ‘sea legs’.

We anchored the Ship in the lee of Brampton Island at 1530. It is intended to remain at anchor here overnight and sail mid-morning to return to sea for 5 hours to do some more sail setting and furling consolidation before anchoring overnight tomorrow night.

I expect the 10 – 15 knot SE trades to continue overnight. As we would normally have been at sea tonight the youthies will actually keep sea watches tonight to enable them to continue consolidation of their watch-on-deck skills through the night.

Yours, aye

CAPT Mike PS. Some Mother\\'s Day wishes attached:


Much love to Mum, Mick, Dad, Wai and my Pretty Parsnip. I hope you\\'re not missing me too much. Just got over a serious case of the voms. I\\'m having a great time and will have plenty of stories when I get back. I\\'m missing everyone heaps. Love you all. Love Ashy



To Mama Bear, Happy Mothers Day. Hope you have an amazing day and Dad spoils you for me. Love T. XO  To My Dadda, I\\'m still alive. Love T. XO