55° 30' South
115° 53' West

Currently sailing on a port beam reach under two squares and fore and aft sail and experiencing moderate-strong 15-20 NW winds with a 1m NW swell. Current temperature is 8 degrees with a wind chill of -3 degrees.

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to day 26 of our voyage. The good news is that the favourable winds have continued and have now freshened to 15-20kts. Over the coming days we expect this to increase more with the development of a low pressure system and trough that should assist our progress even more.



The Murder/Mystery game that commenced yesterday still continues but is now down to a select few as the majority of us have been ‘taken out’ in mysterious ways. It has been a lot of fun and it has kept all of us amused over the past 24hrs.



Today we celebrated another birthday with Olivia (Livvy) Franke turning 19. This of course was celebrated in the normal Young Endeavour way with a large Birthday Cake which on this occasion was covered in chocolate (Livvy’s favourite) and was baked by our cake specialist Fiona. From all of us here onboard YE Livvy thanks for spending your birthday with us in the Southern Ocean.



Last night was a special one for a few lucky crew members and myself as we had the real thrill of sighting the largest of the whale family, the extremely rare Blue Whale. This has been on my Bucket List for a number of years now so I am an extremely happy Captain!!



Tonight’s Log has been written by Effie and you will have to excuse the ‘dark tones’ but it goes with our current Murder/Mystery theme. Enjoy!!



Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav









Day 26: Murder on the High Seas



To those dear souls still listening,



The day dawned with an icy glow*. The cocoons of our sleeping bags slowly unfolded to reveal their fragrant contents. Another day, another ripple closer to civilisation. God knows we could use it.



In dribs and drabs we began the short but shaky pilgrimage to breakfast. Mornings off have that glorious lazy feel that begs for hot milo and coco pops eaten as late as possible. Few were little more than miffed they hadn’t been up at all hours and seen the lone penguin that popped by briefly during the morning.



And then the murders began again. The air has been thick with paranoia and treachery, a fine thing for the barren Southern latitudes. Most tragically the chef was brutally slaughtered, suffocated by a humble beanie. The remorse of the assassin, Lauren, was swift.



Those of us ghostly spectres left amongst the dwindling crew are ever conscious of the need to reach land and end the madness. A breath of fresh air has fortunately entered our weary lungs with a strengthening wind guiding us Eastward. It is a simple blessing to feel our dear ship glide once again under our rigid hands as we grip the helm.



A new chart has graced our navigation table, keeping us sane as we plot our steady progress toward the Cape. Still, it shows no promise of land, only the distance between us and the lonely sea floor. We kept our spirits high with the beautiful concept of avoiding collisions. Dreaming up narrow passages full of ships and barges brought smiles to our faces.

As night falls we continue our vigilant watches. Our eyes glaze over the hazy horizon as it passes without variation and we break the long hours with talk of soft beds and warm desserts.



With our heads high and our hearts bolstered, we bid you goodnight, for now.




* I assume, having the night and morning off I naturally slept well past the 0330 sunrise.

NB: The despairing tone of this log is purely for dramatic effect and does not accurately represent the attitudes and beliefs of the crew – we’re still living the dream.