38° 11' North
4° 5' East

Currently located 80nm to the SE of the Island of Menorca sailing downwind under all 3 Squares and enjoying 12-14kt ENE winds with .5m ENE swell. Current speed is 5kts and temperature is 18 degrees.  

Hi Everyone,


\\\"Sunset\\\"Welcome to day 25 of our voyage. Well what a difference 24hrs can make, last night due to the rough weather it was tough just to trying to sit in front of the computer and write the Log but tonight the Mediterranean has smiled upon us and we have beautiful blue skies and calm seas. As a matter of fact, prior to sitting down to write this part of the log I was up on deck and noticed that the wind has now backed to the east so I sent the watch aloft to cast loose the gaskets on the topgallant and topsail and shortly we will set both of these squares and hopefully as the wind increases be able to enjoy some downwind sailing overnight.



As you will read in tonight’s Log we have kept everyone busy today with setting and furling drills in preparation for tomorrows Captains Setting and Furling Drills. This activity is designed so that I can assess each of Watches ensuring that they are safe prior to handing the Ship over to them on Command Day. Having observed some of these drills today I am sure that they will all do well tomorrow.



It is Aqua Watches turn to write the tonight’s log and Atlanta and Cameron volunteered their services to tell you about their day so please enjoy!!

Until tomorrow, take care



Yours Aye

Captain Gav



Captains Log: 18 May 15

From somewhere in the Mediterranean...



Ahoy one and all. Atlanta here from Aqua watch, and I will pass you off to my wonderful mate Cam midway. As you have read from the previous captain’s logs, the Young Endeavour crew have faced challenges due to the wrath of the sea and upset stomachs. However, today Captain Gav’s wise words that ‘no one has ever died from sea sickness’ finally rang true, and we saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The swell during the night saw the bow of the ship thumping the boys in the twelve berth up and down like on a rodeo bull, complimented by a small leak and a few wet beds. Even the girls put up their lee sheets in the six berths in attempts to stay within the racks, and it was definitely a wild night for all.

One of the highlights of Aqua watches night watch was a tremendous rogue wave coming over from starboard and drenching everyone at the helm before proceeding down in to the challenger room and into the Staffies mess. This sent a few of the crew rushing for towels and fresh pants, including Watch Leader Nick who had only been moments on deck. It was definitely a story to tell in the morning!



However, morning did break and with it came gentler seas and stomachs that were looking forward to a breakfast that may just stay down. Crew not on watch were awarded a half hour sleep in, (sadly Aqua missed out) and following the ‘Happiest Hour’ of the day, Aqua watch settled in to a detailed lesson on setting and furling the Fore Staysail. Dougie took us through the safety steps with absolute care and the phrase ‘If it’s not perfect, it’s wrong’ were drilled in. We quickly realised how much we needed this thorough session and all felt very proud at the end. Following this was lunch and we were awarded a siesta from 1200-1400 which was much enjoyed by all.

Thanks Atlanta! Ahoy all, this is Cameron, from Aqua Watch. Following our desperately needed midday siesta, we jumped straight into another round of the infamous ‘Ropeys’. And of course, it started off with a healthy dose of good natured competition, and rightly, plenty of calls for a ‘fair go ref!’. The first few games were won in quick succession by varying watches, with no clear winner. But in true Young Endeavour style, the staff introduced us to some other games, such as having a race to tie ten shoes onto a rope, and hoist them up a flag halyard! Lindsay did mention however, that if any shoes were to fall, we would not be stopping to collect them. As you might have guessed, this assured that the watches double-checked their knots. We finished off the Ropey festivities with a game of ‘Knights, Mounts, and Cavaliers’. The point of the game was to make different poses with a partner, according to what was called out. The last pair to make the pose was sent out of the game to a ship-wide chorus of “Ha ha, you’re out of the game”. But all in good fun of course. After seeing people being assertively put into poses with such vigour, it is a surprise that no one suffered any injury!

Following on from the games, we settled into an easy afternoon, with the emphasis placed on self consolidation of sails, rather than set training. Aqua watch brushed up on their Topgallant Stay Sail knowledge, and practiced setting and furling, until we were satisfied with our level of competence. The reason we are all practicing our sail skills is because of the Captain’s Setting and Furling Challenge, which will take place tomorrow. Once this challenge has been successfully passed, the crew will be one step closer to ‘Command Day’, the day that we, as a youth crew, assume complete control and responsibility of the ship.

Once again, Jenko and the masterchefs put on a marvellous feast for us, including dishes such as roast beef, chicken stroganoff, a delicious quiche, and of course, a wonderful fruit salad. And let’s not forget the ice cream! Once Aqua had passed through, we settled into the second dog watch, from 1800-2000. But without any suspicion from the crew, a surprise had been planned. On the 24th and 25th of April, respectively, two of our crew members had birthdays. So what better way to celebrate these occasions, than to have a ridiculously amazing birthday cake, put together by none other than Jenko himself. So midway through writing this captains log, we all met up at midships, and sung Lachlan and Tom a lovely rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, although it may not have granted us a spot on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. Whilst it was belated recognition, it still put a smile on everyone’s faces, and iced the cake (pardon the metaphor) that was a well deserved calm day at sea.

Until next time,

Cam, Atlanta and the Aqua Watch.

Shout out from Kirra – Hey Dad! Sending you a very HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY for tomorrow, love you lots and will be thinking of you. Have a great day, love from Kirra. Xoxo

Hey Mum, Grandma, Archie and Lauren hope everyone’s well! Having a great time here, we’ve sailed past Sicily and Sardinia and might be lucky enough to see an African sunset before we reach Gibraltar! Weather has been alright but most people still got sick (including me). Hope everything’s good back home. Thinking of you all, lots of love Zach

Hey Family! Hope all is well! Missing you all and thinking of yas! Lots of Love, Lach.

Hey Wigs! I love you! Love Coolcat

Hey family! Hope all is well back in Tassie. Hope Natalia and the baby are going well! Give Tommy a hug for me Fi! I’m having a fantastic time! So many stories and experiences to share with you when I return. To all my friends, I hope you are enjoying the Tasmanian winter. In the Mediterranean, it is currently 20 degrees, sunny, and calm. Let that sink in for a bit ;) Much love to you, Cameron.

Hi Max, Mum and Dad. I am very thankful today for the easing off of the seas, as I must admit I suffered and spent many an hour over the side of the ship in the past few days! On happier notes, I felt fabulous today, have really enjoyed consolidating sail knowledge and finally learnt how to play Uckers. I definitely look forward to buying the board and playing it at home. Finally, all my best wishes to Campbell, Vanessa and Casper, and if you have welcomed a new niece or nephew into the world for me by now…I hope everything has been wonderful and I can’t wait to meet them. All my love. Atlanta