38° 19' North
7° 8' East

Currently located 50nm to the SW of Sardinia and experiencing very strong 26-32kt NNW winds with a 3m NNW swell. Current speed is 6.5kts and temperature is 16 degrees

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to day 24 of our voyage. Please accept my apologies for this Log being a little late but we had some technical problems last night which prevented me from being able to post the Log.



The weather continues to challenge the World Voyagers and yesterday we experienced some more strong winds and large seas, we do believe that we have now seen the worst of it and conditions are now forecast to improve over the next couple of days which will please a number of the Crew.



Despite the bad weather we have continued to make good speed and are still on schedule to reach Gibraltar on the 23rd May (we may even be early if the weather improves).



Writing tonight’s Log in rough and unpleasant conditions is Tom and Nikki. Enjoy!! 



Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav



Captains Log



Rocky greetings from the not-so-flat Mediterranean Sea!



After a glorious sunset the night before, the crew both on deck and down below were introduced to some slightly more turbulent weather than we have previously had this voyage. The carnage from yesterday has subsided somewhat, however there were still a number of pale faces and plenty of crew keen fooooooooooooooor (just hit 30 degrees on the ‘OOOOHH-AAAAHH metre’ – heeling over at 30 degrees) a breath of fresh air.



The day formally commenced with the usually morning brief from our ever trusty staff members, including an overdue sport update from Lindsey and an indirect quote from the Captain about seizing the moment and making the most of the time you have in a day. Morning brief was then followed promptly by the happiest hour of the day………..HAPPY HOUR!!!!!!! Those unable to venture below assisted on deck polishing the bell (for allllll those other boats in the Med to see……). The cream team then launched into preparing for captain’s setting and furling – a ‘test’ of sailing safety and competence in a bid to reassure both captain and engineer that we, as a world voyage crew, are capable of taking over and running the ship for an extended period without the help and guidance of staff crew. Tests will be conducted in the coming days, with ‘Command days’ to follow in the coming weeks, in which we will do everything from navigation, to sail setting/furling and even the preparation of meals.



\\\"EggRope races succeeded lunch, involving the usual head-to-head-to-head hectic dash to the nearest line, sheet or object as per Lindsey’s commands. Today’s bonus round required crew members to throw and catch a raw egg on a rocking ship in 2m swells, on a wet surface and with the assistance (or hindrance) of 20 knots of wind – what could possibly go wrong?! Cream team set the early pace and ultimately claimed victory after no other successful catches were recorded by the opposition, despite valiant and often creative and ambitious attempts – on one instance trying to curve an egg around obstacles on its way to the receiver with the help of the sea breeze. It would appear that the majority of the crew like their eggs scrambled…



The crew seems to have enthusiastically adopted the Mediterranean custom of afternoon siestas for the duration of the afternoon watch between 12 and 4pm. During this time, some took the opportunity to dust up on nautical and safety knowledge in preparation for the coming tasks whilst others had some drenching fun at the bow (James nearly found himself on the wrong side of the ship!) and some received a master class in Ukkers from Taffy and Dougie. The game of chess is also starting to build some momentum as the tournament clicks into gear; Dr. Nick performing clinically to dispatch some younger opponents, and painting a target on his back as ‘the one to beat’ in the coming weeks.



The cream watch has had both chefs visit us on the bridge for some fresh air as, again, the swell has picked up, the deck is starting to resemble a local swimming pool and the effort to stay upright is becoming more and more difficult. Big thank you again to the masterchefs for today, Lach and Tim P, who have soldiered on through the rough(er) conditions to produce some swell meals.

Lots of love to friends and family both home and abroad,

Tom and Nikki

\\\"EggHey hey, hope everyone’s doing well back home, due to arrive in Gibraltar in the next few days, will touch base when we hit land. Tom x

Hi Mum, Dad, Jack, Willi, Buster, Ros, Nan, Gramps and others. Having an awesome time sailing around the south of Sicily, come across a bit of rough sea this afternoon but we made good fun of it by standing at the bow and getting drenched by the sea spray when we hit a big wave. Happy 90th Birthday to Buster for Friday! Will be in touch when we make it to Gibraltar later this week! Hi to everyone back in NZ! Tim H

Hi to all my friends and family, both my normal and my extended mining family. Still going strong, getting close to hump day. Seas are getting rough, but I’m starting to like this stuff, beats being in Darwin. Also, a special shout out to my former Young Endeavour Watch Leader, Tug. – Dan

Big shout out to all my family back home –I’m thinking of you all while this blinkin’ ship rolls around on the briny. Also a slightly belated happy birthday to my younger brother Tim, who turned the ripe old age of 22 yesterday. Zimmer frame is in the post, old mate.