41° 5' South
174° 14' East

Anchored in Ship Cove - Wind: 170 / 10 kts, Weather: overcast, Temperature:
\\r\\n 10 deg. C

Hello Shipmates,

Welcome to Day 2 of the voyage. Sail Master Dion roused the crew from their slumber at 0630 with a pleasant tune ‘ I’m in Heaven’ by Eric Clapton. We all mustered on deck and did a quick ‘ice-breaker’ activity before heading down for a quick shower and continental breakfast, prepared by Haydo and his master-chef helpers.

We closed-up on deck at 0745, started the engines and departed the wharf just after 0800. We transited through Wellington Harbour into a stiff icy southerly wind with an associated 3 metre swell. Once we had exited the port limits we turned west and then north-west to cross Cook Strait and at the same time set the main staysail, fore staysail, Jib and the mainsail. This kept the youth crew busy but some eventually succumbed to sea sickness. But despite losing their breakfast and feeling terrible I was very impressed that all crew members pushed-through and maintained their enthusiasm and sense of humour.

We entered the Tory Channel at 1200 and immediately experienced some shelter from the swell. We managed to remain under sail, despite some funnelling of the wind along the channel. We chose to enter Queen Charlotte sound through the Tory Channel to enable the youth crew to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. After some more deck safety training the Ship went to tacking stations, prior to us anchoring in Ship Cove at 1600, so that youth crew could experience tacks and wears and what was required of them during these activities.

After we had anchored we gave the youth crew a demonstration of ‘Three-way-chats’, which is a public-speaking and ‘ice-breaker’ activity we always conduct early in the voyage. We then broke the youth crew into groups of 3, one person from each watch, and gave them the hour before dinner to prepare for the activity which required the group members to learn key details about the other members of their group, including their name, make-up of their family, home town, occupation, pets, hobbies, an interesting fact and finally the name of their favourite film, book or TV show, which they had to mime. The challenge was that they would not find out which member of their group that they had to ‘become’ and speak about until just beforehand, so they had to learn about everyone.

After we had cleaned-up from another of Haydo’s delicious meals, we all mustered on deck at 1900 and conducted 3-ways. It was a lot of fun and I was very pleased to see that everyone put in a good effort to get to know the other members of their group.

The intention is to remain at anchor overnight in Ship Cove. Youth crew will be keeping two-hour anchor watches through the night to ensure the Ship remains safe. The plan for tomorrow is to put everyone ashore by boat in Ship Cove to undertake a 90 minute bush walk up and over the range into Resolution Cove, where the Ship will meet everyone to conduct a boat pick-up a couple of hours later.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye

Captain Mike