Voyage name: 
V08/17 Sydney (NSW) to Sydney (NSW)
09 Apr - 19 Apr 2017
33 Deg 54.4 Min South
151 Deg 21.4 Min East
At anchor today - cool (supposedly 20 Degrees) and building winds with occassional light showers. Sunny periods but the barometer has dropped to 999 Hpa. At sea - wind SW at 12-15 knots, increasing and backing further to the south. Sea 0.5m with a 0.5m southerly swell that is also building. Temperature is 16 Degrees on deck.
Good evening everyone, We had a relatively early start to the day with Sail Master Adam having us playing games on deck at 6:30am to get everyone moving. After breakfast we had our morning brief where we sang the National Anthem and had a small ceremony to raise the flags. Salty (James the Boats officer) enthralled us with tales of the seas and explainations of nautical terms. We talked about teamwork as we started to get to know one another and learn how to sail a tall ship. After the happiest hour of the day - no not that well-known version but the Young Endeavour version - yes, an hour of focussed cleaning, we covered some more safety aspects and conducted a safety drill which was enthusiastically embraced. After lunch we lay-aloft (climbed) the fore-mast to the highest working point, the t'gallant yard. It was great to have all the Youth Crew reach the top ... and more importantly, make it back down on deck! One of the most tangible challenges met - yeah! After some more sail setting and furling drills we weighed anchor during the evening and got underway. We cleared Sydney Heads under a moonlit and star-filled night. A beautiful scene and once out to sea we went to tacking stations to prove we could sail and manoeuvre the Ship before settling into the sea routine. Overnight we expect the conditions to build so we will adjust course and timing so as to not be too uncomfortable and arrive at Broken Bay tomorrow morning. Until then, take care. Dave J Voyage Captain P.S. technology is testing me today. I had hoped to have some images of our activities posted but time has beaten me. Will get those to you soonest - thanks for your understanding.
From a sign-board at a Primary School near where my wife and I live ... "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon". Anon but quite relevant for the climb of the mast today.