Voyage name: 
V12/19 Brisbane to Sydney
22 Jul - 01 Aug 2019
27 41s
153 41e
Wind: N at 12 knots Weather: Fine and clear Sea: Calm Course: 166 Speed: 8 knots Location: Off the Gold Coast
Ahoy shipmates...Day 2, an invariably busy day. After a 0630 wakey wakey all enjoyed a beautiful and still Moreton Bay morning, energised by a quick stretch and early morning activity. It was then time for showers and breakfast before we all gathered around the bridge for Colours (flag raising ceremony) and an enthusiastic rendition of the National Anthem. Sailmaster Dion then gave the harness and safety aloft briefs before the youth crew lay aloft a watch at a time to the top of the foremast, testing their climbing skills. Pleasingly everyone made it off the deck, and almost all made it to the top...challenge complete! A delicious lunch was followed by the staff weighing anchor as we headed for the open ocean in near perfect conditions (27 degrees...and it's winter!). A quick afternoon brief was followed by Captain Safety (aka Karly) briefing the youth crew on the various safety equipment onboard before we rolled into the first happy hour (cleaning stations) for the voyage...a clean ship is a happy ship! Once clear of Moreton Bay Dion gave his brief on the fore and aft sails then the watch leaders took charge for some sail handling drills, with the youth crew setting and furling a variety of sails in light conditions (10 knots of wind), including the topsail (square sail). A spectacular sunset capped off a fantastic day full of sun, dolphins, whales...and a dugong! As I write we are motorsailing (using engines and sails) south in easing conditions under a beautiful starry sky. Overnight the youth crew will keep their first sea watches, 4 hours at a time, learning all about the watch on deck routine (helm, lookout, rounds...staying awake!). That's about it from me, I'll hand you over to Zoe and Thomas. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny (Cap K)---------- Captains Log Day 2 The past 24 hours has been a learning process. We woke up to a beautiful sunrise and played some games to get everyone awake. After this we did the flag raising ceremony where we sung the national anthem and rang the bell. We learnt the importance of safety and how to harness ourselves correctly and to check others harnesses. All the watches took turns to climb the foremast all the way up to the topgallant. The most challenging part was shuffling toward the ends of the yards. It was amazing as we looked down and around to see just how high we had to climb. The weather was remarkable as the sun beat down on us and only light winds. All the watches and staffies were proud of everyone who made it to the very top, no man left on the deck! After a hard climb Zac made up a well deserved lunch, butter chicken/salmon. After this, we weighed anchor and left Tangalooma heading to sea. This meant we were on the move out to rougher seas (not really) and the ship has begun to move side to side a little bit. The afternoon was mainly spent doing safety drills and learning about all the sails such as square, topsail, stay sails etc. We put this knowledge to good use when watches came together to furl and set some sails for good practise. We did this as best and safely as we could whilst being distracted by the dolphins and whales. Some dolphins even came to say hello as they jumped about the bow of the ship. All the youthies were proud as dusk came and the sails were set. Dinner was had around sunset. Tonight Red Watch is on the very first youthies watch duty as the crew look after the ship and safety while everyone sleeps. Hope all the youthies who are seasick feel better soon! All the youthies gave it their all today, and everyone is stoked with the enthusiastic team that we have on board. - Written by Thomas and Zoe Zoe – Hey mum! Having a great time on the ship, don’t worry! The crew are taking good care of everyone on board. I saw a lighthouse on the coast somewhere and thought of you. Damo, the stars out here are amazing, you can actually see the Milky Way! Love you all heaps! (except for Tom ;) ) Thomas – I am having a brilliant time getting engaged with activities, and making lots of newfound friends loving the sense of comradery with everyone. I was holding on and a little scared at the top of the sail, but the view is totally worth it. Love you mum and Laura.
Twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the things you did. So cast off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the wind in your sails...explore, dream, discover. Mark Twain