Voyage name: 
V14/21 Sydney to Sydney
15 Nov - 25 Nov 2021
33 49 S
151 15 E
Weather: Fine. Wind: S @ 5-10 kts. Temp: 17.
Bob Marley roused us from our slumbers at 0630 this morning whilst anchored Hunters Bay, Mosman. Sailmaster Tori summoned us all up to midships for an Early Morning Activity (EMA) before breakfast. The traditional Naval Colours ceremony took place next at 0800 which included a very rousing and enthusiastic singing of the Australian National Anthem. My chest was heaving with Aussie pride, ladies and gents. Sniff.

Then it was time to climb, thus harness and safety aloft briefings were conducted before Youth Crew lay aloft the foremast to the topgallant, up one side and down the other. It was definitely not an easy task for most. I told them all that I was very proud of my sea-puppies, the way that they pushed through their fears and went higher and higher, against their instincts and own expectations. Pretty sure they're proud of themselves too - they should be! Well done.

Next was lunch. Yum.We weighed anchor after that and spent the afternoon cruising the beautiful harbour AKA Port Jackson. It was a gorgeous sunny day, with a nice breeze and hence lots of setting and furling practice was going on. Youthies also took the opportunity to do some climbing and hanging out on the bow sprit. Late afternoon, we returned to Hunters Bay to conduct more activities at anchor, as we are having a little difficulty with our navigation radar (Contractors will visit in the morning to rectify).

So in the meantime, dinner was had and the ship was cleaned. Then it was up on deck for more sail handling training followed by an anchor watch brief, as youth crew will be keeping us safe at anchor tonight (They'll also be getting to know members of the other watches a little better as we mix red, white and blue together). Ok then, until tomorrow night. Stay safe and good night.

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+