Voyage name: 
V10/19 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
26 Jun - 06 Jul 2019
20 15s
148 56e
Wind: SE at 10 knots Weather: Overcast - passing showers Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Cid Harbour, Whitsunday Island
Ahoy shipmates...Day 2, a busy day and changeable weather conditions (rain rain go away!). Last night all of both Blue and White watches made it to the top of the foremast, and this morning Red watch did the same. It would seem we have some strong climbers...excellent! After a restful night at anchor Sailmaster Jerome woke the ship at 0630 for a quick early morning activity (EMA), followed by breakfast, morning brief, Captain's Safety (a detailed brief on all the ship's safety equipment), and happy hour...a clean ship is a happy ship. After Red watch completed their climbs, the youth crew were handed over to their respective watch leaders for sail handling drills, punctuated by lunch. At 1300 we weighed anchor and spent 2 hours crossing the Whitsunday Passage enroute our current anchorage in Cid Harbour. We will remain here overnight in preparation for landing the youth crew ashore at Sawmill Beach tomorrow morning for the hike to the top of Whitsunday Peak, the highest in the Whitsundays. Hopefully the rain clears. Overnight the youth crew will be introduced to the watch on deck routines, as well as consolidating their climbing and sail handling skills....we will keep them busy! That's about it for now, I'll hand you over to Blue watch. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.---------- Captains Log: Day 2 – 27 June 2019 Blue Watch: Court, Lachy and Rizz Ahoy family and friends back home! Tonight we are anchored at Cid Harbour ... a gorgeous spot but unfortunately no swimming for us (ie, a spot notorious for sharks). By morning each of the watches had bravely climbed the main mast which is 30 metres high. Today also marked our first taste of sailing as we had the opportunity to set the sails and learn some of the confusing (yet humorous) nautical terminology. To top off a jammed packed day we had some rope races on deck which really put to test how much we have learnt (and probably more accurately, how much we still have yet to learn). We are happy to report that Blue Watch took out the win! As some light rain starts to set in, we have our first sea shifts to look forward to (8-12am, 12-4am, 4-8am) – Blue Watch scored well for tonight with the last shift and hopefully a gorgeous sunrise. We are being well looked after by the staff crew and shout out to Marcus for the scrumptious food! As you can probably note, we are loving our time onboard and hope to continue making great memories. Blue watch OUT
Twenty years from now, you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did. So cast off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the wind in your sails...explore, dream, discover! Mark Twain