Voyage name: 
V19/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
28 Nov - 08 Dec 2016
32 Deg 05 Min South
115 Deg 24 Min East
Weather: Wind 210 at 25-30 knots, Sea State 4, Swell 225 at 2.5m with a 0.5m sea on top. Temp 16C feels like 14C.
Good evening All, Day 2 started out very pleasantly with a beautiful sunrise as we sat at anchor off Rottnest Island. We introduced the Youth Crew to a fascinating and for some, a very new adventure - happy hour! No, not that sort and certainly not at that time of day. The hour of cleaning Ship - yeah! We then covered a lot of sailing safety aspects before climbing the fore mast (33.4 metres high). For all of us this always presents as a challenge in some form. With the (cold) wind at 25 knots and a slight roll from the Southern Ocean swell, it wasn't made any easier. Nonetheless, challenge confronted (and our first high of the day), it was time to get underway. We weighed anchor in the afternoon and proceeded north around Rottnest Island setting our first sails. Although, with the heavy weather we still used our engines to provide some good headway and as comfortable a ride as we could. Long 3m swells with a strong wind made for rough conditions - the waves were certainly high. As I type we are motor sailing 8 nautical miles to the south of Rottnest Island on a course which will takes us inshore past the town (city?) of Mandurah and then towards Geographe Bay tomorrow. The plan is to seek some reprieve from the large Southern Ocean swell which is now almost from the South. We anticipate the wind to back to the east and ease a little overnight. We have the main stay sail and fore stay sail set to help us push through the swell and ease the motion of the Ship. A quiet night of keeping our watches (shifts) on the bridge and perhaps a quick word with Neptune to help calm the seas. So the highs of the mast climb and the highs of a big Southern Ocean swell sum up a long day on board Young Endeavour. Will let you know tomorrow if our plan for the weather has worked ... or not. Dave J / Yak Voyage Captain
At our mornming gathering where we hoisted the flags and sung the Australian National Anthem, I offered a few words of thought to the Youth Crew given we had discussed the previous evening what we wanted from the Voyage and what we would like to challenge ourselves with. This quote from out the front of my local primary school summed it up as we all looked to the sky and took sight of the towering mast of the Ship ... "why tell me the sky is the limit, when there are footsteps on the moon".