17° 14' South
145° 7' East

Weather: partly cloudy, Wind: 150 / 17 kn, Swell: 1.5 metres from SE, Temp: 24 deg. C

Hello Shipmates,

After a good nights rest the Youth Crew were awoken by Sail Master Dougie. Once on deck we participated in a very quick early morning ‘ice-breaker’ activity and then everyone headed below decks for a quick shower and some tasty breakfast treats from Chef Aaron.

Dougie kicked into the morning brief after the ceremony of Colours. The Youth Crew had mustered on the port side of the bridge then Dougie explained the routine for morning briefs and then invited other Staffie guest speakers including Lindsey the engineer, Aaron the chef, the resident salty man (Sandy) and some words of (Hopefully) wisdom from myself.

After Dave, our resident safety expert, gave a more in-depth safety brief to ensure the Youthies know everything they need to about the Ship, they went below to start their first “Happy Hour” which is the daily cleaning time.

The Watch Leaders then took charge of their watches and began the task of teaching their watches how to set and furl the sails. At 1115 the watches cycled through the cafe for lunch and at 1300 we departed the anchorage and, following a ‘man-overboard’ exercise the Ship commenced the passage south to the Whitsunday Islands.

In the afternoon the watches continued with their sail handling drills until their watch leaders felt they had made satisfactory progress. The watches then commenced their watch rotation at 1600 with Blue Watch closing up to keep the First Dog Watch.

Overnight the watches will be keeping their first night watch of 4 hours during which they will learn how to helm the ship, keep a good look out and other watch on deck activities.

Until tomorrow, yours aye,