19° 36' South
148° 15' East
Dry Temp 22 degrees, SE Winds 25 knots, Swell SE 2.5m, Sea 1.0m, Overcast withy scattered showers
Hello there everyone,
Welcome to day 2 of the voyage. Following a well deserved and much needed good night's rest the Youth Crew awoke at 0630 to a wonderful Airlie Beach morning and the tune ���sitting on the dock of the bay'. After our Early Morning Activity and breakfast the Youth Crew were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the traditional ceremony of Colours (the raising of the ships flags and the singing of the National Anthem). After this we had our morning (not so) brief and on completion it was straight into cleaning stations (this activity is known as our ���Happy Hour' and even has its own little song).

The ship then cast off all lines and departed the Marina Berth shortly after 0900, negotiating the breakwater and proceeded to sea. Once safely clear of the channel the Youth Crew were addressed by ���Captain Safety' White Watch Leader, Tug who gave a very comprehensive safety equipment presentation and demonstration.

Under the guidance of their watch leaders, the Youth Crew then spent the remainder of the day conducting line handling and deck safety, gaining the foundation skills required to work sails safely during their adventure at sea. Even with the wind lifting to 30 knots, scattered showers and a 2.5m sea the majority of the Youth Crew showed remarkable resilience and determination in the prevailing conditions.

By the early evening the Youth Crew had managed to set and furl most sails and complete their first set of tacks/wears as a crew (turning the ship through the wind). This is a real teamwork activity and every member of the team has a critical role to play. This set of tacks concluded the formal activities for the day. The Youth Crew have just completed a magnificent dinner from Chef Adrian and have settled into their watches for the night.

We are currently sailing along handsomely at five knots under one square sail and the majority of our fore and aft sails, making ground to the North West on a broad reach, port tack and looking as majestic and magnificent as only this ship can, with the intention of continuing our passage overnight to the waters north of Magnetic Island.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Damien