37° 9' South
139° 45' East

At anchor in the shelter of Robe - Weather: partly cloudy, Wind: 20 kts / 190, Swell: 0.5 metres with a slight wrap around the Robe headland, Temp: 16 deg.

Hello Shipmates,

Welcome to Day 2 of the voyage. Overnight the Ship transited through the Gulf of St Vincent and Backstairs Passage, between Kangaroo Is and Cape Jervis, and into the Great Australian Bight. Early in the morning the southerly wind freshened to 30 knots, the swell began to build and the youth crew got their first real taste of the Ship’s motion at sea.

Following their first night at sea keeping sea watches, the Red and White Watches were woken at 0700 by the Blue Watch singing their first Wakey-Wakey song, a modified version of a well-known Xmas carol. After the first of Haydo’s breakfasts, which I must admit was not that well-attended, the Youthies experienced their first morning brief. Sail Master Paul hosted the brief and introduced the various presenters, which included ‘Salty the sea-dog’ (Miquela) whose job it is to explain the nautical origin of some expressions in common use in the English language, ably assisted by Tilly - the beautiful figurehead and Dougie, who played the ‘cheeky Jack’. On completion of the brief we had the ‘boy – girl’ chats which covered specific gender-related issues onboard and then it was straight into cleaning stations (this activity is known as our ‘Happy Hour’ and even has its own little song) for those whose stomachs could handle going below decks.

We did have other activities planned for the day but the weather precluded these so instead we set the Jib, Fore Staysail, Main Staysail and Mainsail; putting a priority on getting to a sheltered anchorage as soon as possible. Once these sails were set we gave the youthies some time off.

The Ship anchored in the shelter of Robe at 2100 and after a quick chat from Paul and I on the program for the rest of the day and tomorrow, which was followed by a brief from Navigator Rick on the routines for anchor watches, the youthies were stood-down for the night.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye

Captain Mike