24° 7' South
151° 54' East

Currently located 5nm to the NE of 1770 and experiencing strong 18-22kt SE winds with a 1.25m SE swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees. 

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage. Following a good nights rest it was an early start for our crew this morning with everyone on deck at 0500 for first climbs.

Following a harness and climbing system brief by Taff the Sailmaster the Youth Crew were sent aloft for their first climbs. It was a spectacular morning and despite being tired I think that all of the Youth Crew enjoyed the opportunity to witness sunrise on there first morning onboard Young Endeavour. By 0830 ‘first climbs’ were successfully completed so with everyone back on deck the anchor was weighed and we commenced our 26nm passage around to 1770. During this passage the Youth Crew participated in their first morning brief and then experienced the joys of cleaning stations (Happy Hour).

Due to strong headwinds and an unpleasant swell the passage to 1770 took longer than originally planned but never the less we pushed on and finally came to anchor just off the Township of 1770 at 1315. Once at anchor the Youth Crew were ferried ashore by the 1770 Water Police who had kindly volunteered to provide us with this service today.

Whilst ashore the Youth Crew were given the opportunity to experience the final parts of the festival and despite our late arrival the festival organisers expressed there gratitude for the efforts the ship had made by making it to this event in such difficult weather conditions.

By 1830 everyone was back onboard and following another one of the Chef Hayden’s amazing dinners, the anchor was weighed, and once clear of our anchorage, we shaped a course to the south and have now commenced making ground to Harvey Bay.

Being the first night at sea the Youth Crew will now settle into the sea routine of watches overnight and commence learning a number of new mariner skills.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav