33° 53' South
152° 45' East
Motor Sailing under all plain sail

Wind South East 18KTS
Ahoy Shipmates,

Voyage 00/05 is off to a great start - we are new well out into the
Tasman Sea en-route to Opua in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, where
we will clear Customs and Immigration on the 21January before
heading to Auckland.

The Youth Crew have settled in well, with eveyone making the climb to
the Topgallant yard (30m off the water) overnight. With ship's tours
and safety briefs completed, and fortified by and excellent dinner,
the ship slipped quietly out of Sydney harbour at 10PM.

Now that we are at sea, things are settling into routine - watches,
steering, cleaning, settling sails, and being seasick. About 60% of
the Youth Crew and some of the Staffies are suffering, but everyone
is smiling and happy.

Today we will continue with the programmed activities of the main
safety induction (delivered by that special guest \Captain Safety\"),
deck safety and line handling lessons, and setting and furling
drills. The weather looks and if it will be light and variable over
the weekend, and if the sea gets too much calmer there might even be
the opportunity to stop for a mid-Tasman swim.

Until next time,

Yours Aye,