37° 58' North
20° 41' East

Currently located 5nm to the south of the Greek Island of Nisos Kefallinia motor sailing and experiencing light 5-10kt NW winds with nil swell. Our Current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 15 degrees. 

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 16 of our voyage – our Command Day. I am honoured to be Captain of the World Voyage 03 Crew and our beautiful ship the Young Endeavour for the next 24hours. Our crew is so excited to put together the skills we have learnt over the last two weeks and take full responsibility of commanding the tall ship, as well as meeting some very interesting tasks set by our staff crew.


Sailing through the Ionion Sea on course to the Corinth Canal, Greece, there is a great vibe around the ship tonight as everyone steps up to their roles.



Sedef provides account of the day’s activities below, including all the excitement the World Voyages are experiencing so far.

Tune in tomorrow to find out how we progress!

Yours aye,

Captain Caitlin

Ahoy and welcome to Command Day! As I write this, the Young Endeavour is cruising along nicely at a speed of 9 knots with several sails set and Greece approaching in the glow of the sunset… It’s a hard life, isn’t it? For the last few days, this has been our reality: busy days and mellow nights while we soak in the gorgeous surroundings from the deck. However, tonight there is a sense of excitement in the air as we prepare for our night in command of the ship and all the responsibility that it brings. The atmosphere is positively buzzing.



The day began with a series of sessions with Captain Gav to assure him that his ship will be in good hands, followed by the usual ‘Happy Hour’ and watch rotations. Official handover came at 1330 with Captain Caitlin being given the ceremonious captain’s telescope, and the staffies rejoicing in their 18 hours of freedom with a literal song and dance.

Since then, we have been flat tack under the leadership of Caitlin, Logan and Pedro (A.K.A. Brendan) who continue to demonstrate their exceptional leadership.



The middle of the afternoon proved to be challenging as we faced numerous wind shifts and sail changes while Young Endeavour reached new angles on the ‘ohhhh and ahhhh’ meter. While we were slaving away on deck, our new Chefies Jack, Dallas and Alan experienced the pressure of catering for 36 people and the interesting experience of having to walk up hill to cross the café. Unsurprisingly, they delivered an excellent meal. Nice work lads!



Amongst the busyness, there have of course been times to laugh and relax, least of all at the compulsory twenty minute disco held in the 12 berth and the daily screening of the Gallipoli TV series. As night falls, each watch group is completing their own set of tasks and definitely keeping busy. Speaking of tasks, I better get along and do mine… How does one teach 21 Australians the New Zealand national anthem, anyway?



As ANZAC day creeps ever closer, our thoughts continue to be with our families at home who will soon be celebrating along with us in spirit. We hope you are all well!

Sedef Duder-Ozyurt