2° 28' South
29° 1' East

Currently located 150nm south of the Equator and experiencing light and variable winds with a .5m ESE swell. Current temperature is 25 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 13 of our voyage. Hopefully all of you got to read last nights log and were listening to ABC Radio’s Australia all Over with Macca this morning because we rang through and did a live interview. I guess if you did miss it you may be able to here it on the ABC website.


At the moment we are located about 150nm south of the Equator and early this evening we had a visit from Davy Jones who announced that the legend of the deep ‘King Neptune’ and his \\'Wayward Staff\\' will be visiting Young Endeavour sometime tomorrow afternoon. A number of our Crew are worried as they have been summoned to appear before the King as they are ‘first timers’ in crossing that mystical nautical line the ‘Equator’. More will be revealed tomorrow.



An interesting day with the weather as we again experienced rain squalls, sunshine and not much wind. This did not discourage us in any way as we still managed to set some sail and also enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water of the Atlantic Ocean.



Tonight it is back to White Watches turn to write the Captains Log and volunteering for tonight’s edition is Clare who has done a wonderful job writing about another action packed day onboard Young Endeavour . Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Captains Log Saturday 28 February 2015

Ahoy there loyal and casual followers.

As the days blur into each other, the whities began our thirteenth day with forenoon watch, whilst the rest of the crew enjoyed another Saturday sea routine sleep in. With winds continuing to dwindle overnight due to our proximity within the doldrums and to the equator, this morning’s task was to furl the mainsail. Given our broadening knowledge of the ship, this was a fairly easy task. However the subsequent task of securing the gaskets around the mainsail to the mainmast was far trickier and required strong muscles to bear hug the sail in some rather precariously balanced positions to get it secured, to the great amusement of those still on deck.



With sore muscles and the rest of the crew waking, we enjoyed another hearty lunch, afternoon brief and apparently enjoyed happy hour too. The glasslike ocean and lack of wind, although spectacular to observe, has left the ship swaying a surprisingly large amount with each small undulation of the water causing Mac to spill almost an entire jar of honey (which also goes to show how warm it is here). This afternoon we were treated to a long awaited swim stop!! The waterproof cameras and GoPro’s were dusted off, the lilo’s dragged out and the backflips off the bowsprit commenced.



Swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, nearing the equator with 5000 metres of water beneath you is a thrilling experience. Those who were so inclined then worked out to another of Taffy’s Torturous Training sessions, whilst I lazed in the sunshine (I am on holiday, after all).



With the crew in high spirits, all signs of seasickness gone and new friends enjoying each others company, we muffed on our dinner and duffed on delicious rum balls, when suddenly the eerie voice of Davy Jones echoed through the ship. Based upon our current trajectory, King Neptune and his waterlogged messenger Davy Jones have announced their forthcoming arrival to oversee our expected crossing of the equator tomorrow afternoon! Apparently quite an event in the Navy, all those who have never crossed Neptune’s path previously have been summoned for…well we’re not too sure yet! Whilst we wait in suspense and anticipation, you’ll have to check in tomorrow to find out.



It’s been a long but extremely pleasant day for me here on the romantic Atlantic. With my next watch to begin at 3.45am and a balmy sunrise awaiting me, I’m ready for another ‘cosy’ night in my rack.

Yours Aye,


PS Hey Mum, Dad, Steffi and friends and family following along, hoping everyone’s well, we are all thrilled to be crossing the equator tomorrow here, I’m having an amazing time and cant wait to hear from you all when we get to Cape Verde. Much love xxx Tilda



PPS – Hi to all family and friends following from sunny Victoria! Having a great time, meeting some amazing people and seeing some amazing sites on our travels over the Atlantic Ocean. Already changing as a person – I am consistently on time and have added sugar to my tea again (sorry Craig!). Enjoying every moment! Hope all are well. Love Nicole xox



PPPS Sending love to all my family and friends, Tom and Janet, Steven and Claire in sunny London. Getting Fed too well, food is excellent and dessert is even better. To my dearest Jack I hope your school work is going ok and you are healthy and enjoying your time, can’t wait for a cuddle and a back scratch. Much love to all Xox Ted



PPPPS. Mum, Dad, Bella and everyone else following us on our journey. Missing you all and can’t wait for your emails when I get to Cape Verde, as long as Neptune allows us to pass. Hi to the FN team, I’ll check functionality from Cape Verde and report back.… Andrew YM&OF



PPPPPS: We’ve used all 500 of our teabags. SEND HELP!



PPPPPPS: Mum, Dad, Atlanta, family and friends, I’m having the most amazing time on this journey of a lifetime and can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get home! Love Max.


The sun sets slowly over seas like glass.

The gentle sway of the ship beneath me is accentuated by the 90ft of mast beneath me.

The breeze blows gently upon my face, and sets the sails cracking quietly as they luff softly, chasing and catching, chasing and catching the wind, only to lose it again and again in the still waters.

The sun sinks lower.

Suddenly, the sky is lit once more and the clouds alight from within as they blaze with the fierce reds, warm oranges and vibrant yellows of the dying day.

The sun sinks lower to kiss the horizon and the sky glows brighter still as the last rays of the dying sun caress the clouds from below, igniting even more violent reds, blazing oranges and burning yellows.

The final embrace of the setting sun warms my face even as it immolates the sky above and around me in its fiery death throes, wrapping me in an embrace that grips at my soul and stills the breath in my lungs.

I bare witness to the death of another day.

And as the final glowing embers of red fade from the heavens, I descend once more, falling like Icarus to the cold, dark waves below.

The sunsets here are cash.

Love you Mum and Dad. Pass on my love to Jed and Tamara.