43° 55' South
178° 9' West

Currently located 55nm from the Chatham Islands sailing on a broad starboard reach and experiencing strong 20-25kt SW winds with a 2m SW swell. Our current boat speed is 8kts and the outside temperature is a cool 10 degrees. 

Hi Everyone


                  Welcome to day 11 of our voyage. To give me a break from writing the Captains Log for tonight Effie and Katherine of Red Watch kindly agreed to write tonights log. As the voyage progresses this will happen on a more regular basis so that you can here about were we are and what we have been doing from the Crew rather than myself all the time. As you will see we have some talented writers onboard so enjoy tonights log.



Until tomorrow, take care



Yours Aye



Captain Gav 



In true New Years Day spirit many of the crew were ill this morning, though sadly not from too many tequila shots and rather from a raving sea. The ocean clearly had a good night, giving us very confused swells and a rough sleep.

Fortunately this morning the wind dropped a little and it calmed down just in time for Happy Hour – how lucky. Our Nav, Paige, was spot on about a later South Westerly change and we’ve been making steady progress to Chatham Islands. A sweet promise of the sight of land after assuming it’d be weeks before a glance.

The power of our mandarins summoned several pods of dolphins throughout the day, which heightened spirits phenomenally. Graceful albatrosses, cape pigeons and shearwaters have been by our side almost the whole voyage helping us to feel less alone in the vast Pacific.

After ringing in the New Year we proceeded across the International Date Line at about noon so ready to celebrate all over again - perhaps this time without the pseudo hangover. The seas have calmed and everyone sleeping on the port side is glad of the change in tack so they can become more intimate with the bulkheads. The starboard siders shall have to learn the fear of almost rolling out of bed every couple of seconds.

We, the crew – affectionately renamed the rabble – are really starting to find our sea legs. Several have already taken on leadership roles with confidence. Our knowledge of the nuances of our dear ship grows daily as we put her through her paces and more importantly, our feet are steadier.

As we move further south the cold is biting harder, some are still somehow in shorts and t-shirts but the rest of us are dusting off the thermals ready for the higher latitudes to come.

All is swell,

Effie and Katherine of red (best) watch.

P.S Taffy has an astounding new water bottle. You may have heard.