21° 6' South
149° 12' East

Weather: fine, Wind: SE at 12 kn, Swell: nil, Temp: 21 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Sandy woke the Youth Crew at 0630 with yet another of his funky tunes and everyone came up on deck for the last early morning activity.

After everyone had the blood flowing once more, they went below to have some breakfast, shower and sadly to pack their bags. It was however a happy Youth Crew that mustered on the port side of the bridge for the final time. With a final presentation from Miquela the Nav, Marty the Salty Sea Dog and a quote from myself. The Youthies then went back down below to do a final clean of the ship in preparation for the next Youth Crew to join the ship in 4 days time.

We weighed anchor at 0900 and started to make our way towards the marina and our final port of call. Staffies fired the cannons and the Youth Crew manned the yards in the ancient ritual demonstrating that we came in peace and with good intentions. We berthed at the Mackay Marina at 1000 to some very welcoming family and friends.

Once the Youth crew were down from the yards there was a brief farewell ceremony and then we said goodbye to our new shipmates and friends and the Youth Crew of Voyage 06/2014 departed the ship for the final time.

As I now walk the empty passage ways of the ship, there are no longer the echoes of laughter and high jinks. The ship has lost an important part of what it is, it feels lonely without a Youth Crew to sail her, for a couple of days anyway.

For the final time on this voyage, yours aye,