6° 58' South
31° 18' West

Currently located 450nm from the Equator and experiencing moderate 12-17kt SE winds with a 1m ESE swell. Current temperature is 24 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 11 of our voyage. Today has been another one of those great days at sea. The wind veered to the SE this morning which enabled us to set the Topgallant and the Topsail and with the exception of the Course and the Fisherman Staysail we had every other sail set. All of this sail work is paying off as you can continue to see the Crew becoming more comfortable with where the lines are located and how to set and furl most sails.


Besides all of this sail work there is always time allocated for other activities and today that included a PT circuit class which was followed by ‘Cool Off’ session under the ships fire hoses.



Tonight Blue Watch got to write Captains Log but this was achieved after they went aloft to watch another memorable Atlantic Ocean sunset. Please enjoy tonight’s log written by Bridge and Jezza from Blue Watch.

Until tomorrow, take care



Yours Aye

Captain Gav



Captains Log Thursday 26 February 2015

Ahoy there from the romantic Atlantic. Today was as always, another memorable day.

Each day Loz our watch leader has handed over her duties to one of the blueys. Overnight all the watches were put to the test with a group activity to be completed with no instruction from our watch leaders (supervised, but mouths firmly closed). Bluey’s had the task of setting and furling (bringing in) both the forestaysail and the mainstaysail. The blue watch undertook this task with great enthusiasm, working together as a tight knit team. Vinny had the hard task of calling all the orders which he did with absolute perfection, as was noted by Knuckle, Loz, and the bluey team.



Reddies were tasked to set and strike the Main Gaff Topsail. As we’re sitting here typing, Ronald informs us it took them 1:30 hrs to do this, but today they “smashed” setting it in only 20 mins. Well done to Red watch. The Whities set the storm Jib, also not an easy task by any means, however they also excelled.



Blueys have now set a rule that every second day we will have a PT (personal training) sesh. Today we were informed by Loz (the PT guru of blue watch) that this would not be possible, and some serious tears were shed. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and Taffy and Dion had a way. Thus, time was made for a mass group exercise sesh and although we were sweaty, we were happy. What better scenery for a workout than clear blue skies, an ocean, and a horizon that goes for days, right? Post this, we got to have some real fun, which I’ll hand it over to Jezza to tell you about. I know it’s been said over and over, but life is good.

Until next time,

Bridge  (Blue watch)

Hola amigos, welcome onboard the Young Endeavour World Voyage the ride of a life time. It has been so much fun and action packed onboard our beautiful home on the Atlantic Ocean.



The high light of the day for me all started after a real workout (PT sesh). After PT we all needed a much earned shower to cool us all off however the staff crew had a plan up there sleeves. The plan was to have a water fight which involved us all getting soaked to the bone with fire hose’s. Uncle Knuckle got his goggles out for the fun (he’s clearly done this before). Dion was running around shooting everyone with his water pistol screaming “I love my job! & take that!” we have all agreed that he is high on life, great stuff mate! It was so much fun seeing everyone have such a blast and to share these precious memories with such amazing Aussies.



Time and time again it has dawned on me that I am in the presence of so many incredible and special people, as well as being onboard such a beautiful vessel, whilst sailing across the great Atlantic Ocean. To top it all off today blueys climbed the rigging and took some time to just stop, be still and take it what was a cracker of a sunset.

Peace be with ya, and I look forward to next time.

Yours Jezza, (Blue watch) 