Voyage name: 
V08/19 Mackay to Cairns
24 May - 03 Jun 2019
16 55s
145 59e
Wind: SSE at 15-25 knots Weather: Overcast, passing showers Location: At anchor Fitzroy Island.
Ahoy shipmates and greetings from a windy Fitzroy Island. Day 10 is normally when we conduct our Community Day Sail, however due to the persistent high winds and the exposed nature of the waters around Cairns the call was made to cancel. Disappointing, but not much we can do about the weather. These winds would have been nice a few days ago...c'est la vie. Remaining in the sheltered (sort of) waters of Fitzroy Island allowed the Youth Crew the opportunity to explore. After a 0630 wakey wakey, an early morning activity called 'evolution', breakfast, showers, a morning brief extravaganza (where Salty explained the origins of 2-6 heave and son of a gun...icluding the firing of our saluting cannon!) and the perennial favourite, happy hour, the Youth Crew were ferried ashore in choppy conditions. Once ashore some took the opportunity for a swim, others hiked to the Fitzroy Island Lighthouse, and others just enjoyed a coffee and some time on terra firma. They also completed their end of voyage talks, reflecting on their experiences over the last 10 days, and the day was topped off with a glass bottom boat tour, sighting all manner of sea creatures, including a number of turtles, not surprising noting the island is a turtle rehabilitation site. After enjoying lunch ashore, ferried in by boat, the Youth Crew returned onboard for the final round of rope races...and the overall winners were White Watch followed by Red and then Blue...well done all! Noting the strength of the wind the normal harbour furls of our square sails were replaced by very tidy sea furls...almost as good! It was then time for the traditional final night pizzas and end of voyage admin...QC, voyage page and letters to themselves that will be posted out to them in 6 months for reflection on their time in Young Endeavour. It has been a pretty amazing adventure, Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet, Cid Harbour and Whitsunday Peak, Magnetic Island, a mid ocean swim, Orpheus Island, Hinchinbrook Island and the magnficent Zoe Falls, Dunk Island and Fitzroy Island...not too shabby at all. On behalf of my crew and myself, it has been an absolute pleasure sailing with this diverse group of young Australians. We wish them every success in their future endeavours, whatever they may be. We hope their time on Young Endeavour encourages them to expand their horizons and seize the day (now where have I heard that before). Until next time, wishing you all fair winds and following seas, Captain Kenny (Cap K)...out!
The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why. Mark Twain.