33° 50' South
151° 14' East

Wind: Light and Variable. Swell: Nil. Temp: 23


Well, overnight the ship remained at anchor in Athol Bay (adjacent Taronga Zoo), with the best view in Sydney. Did Captain Olie tell you about our BBQ and concert last night? It was smashing. There was singing, dancing, acting, comedy, acrobatics… A very entertaining evening, magically MC’d by Anna and Chris. The all-in ‘Nutbush’ was pretty sweet too!

Today was actually a very special day. We hosted a group from Sylvanvale Disability Services - made up of special needs folks and their carers - and took them for a sail around the harbour for several hours. The Youth Crew did an amazing job in looking after our guests, serving a little food and getting them involved in setting some sail and just generally showing them an awesome time. Mums and Dads, these Youthies did you proud today.

We returned to Fleet Base at Woolloomooloo around 1300 and once our guests disembarked, the Youth Crew lay aloft to Harbour Furl the squares (that’s sailor talk for: climbed the mast to make the sails look pretty). Bloody hard work, by the way. Next, they went ashore with their Watch Leaders to have a milkshake and conduct their ‘End of Voyage Talks’.

On their return, we cast off and proceeded to anchor for the final time at Athol Bay, and it wasn’t too long before Master Chef Aaron had whipped up some pizza and the Youthies filled up whilst watching the yachts, dinghy’s and stink-boats frolic around the harbour. The last night onboard is always a melancholy evening made more so, by the screening of the best of the Youth Crew’s voyage photos in a slide show, followed by a fantastic poem by Daniel and Zoe (attached below).

Finally, following some regular last night administration (End of voyage critiques, letters to selves and a pretty ‘Watch page’ in the voyage logs), everyone went to sleep so as to wake refreshed for the final day onboard and some long flights home for some.

See you all very soon.

Yours Aye

Captain Adam

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today!” – James Dean

Set the Fore Stay Sail by Zoe and Daniel.

“Set the Fore Stay Sail”

They yelled as we set out

And though we’d no clue what that meant,

We had no time to doubt.

Before we knew it we were heaving,

Setting, furling, we were leaving,

Ad we crammed the sail names into our brains

Jibs and forestays, tops and gallants

Syllables not all apparent

We toboggan teamed til our bums were strained

We remembered binnacles (not barnacles),

EPIRBS and Hydrostatic release units too

Meaning was shrouded on the rattlings,

Fumbling to fathom what these do.

We’d get woken up to bacon

And pancakes of every flavor

And countless other goodies

For our hungry mouths to savor

Fresh rolls and pies and slices

And meats, salads and more meats,

Cutlets better than these couplets

And a slaughterhouse of beef.

But the Endeavour was not fruitless!

Aaron had that covered too

And we learnt to peel bananas

In some ways we never knew.

We sailed Taswegia to Deal

Into pristine Jervis bay

Where we ate and hung and swung,

A patriotic Australia day!

And the staff are fantastic

A friendly bunch of fun

Sharing this beautiful vessel

When they needn’t have done

They taught us a thing or two

As we sailed out to sea

About when men were made of steel

And the way it used to be.

About young Jack the seaman

And how he takes a piss,

Bout balls and cats and monkeys

And the etymology of shit.

But there are problems you encounter

When you’re living on a boat

Like when a great swell rises

Just as you drop the soap

And you chase it port to starboard

But it’s a step ahead of you

Til’ you fly straight at the curtain

And land dripping in the loo.

When we come to anchor drop

And the swaying finally stops,

And you get into bed hoping to stay on it,

The world keeps rocking in your head

So you feel sick from that instead

Which gives you yet another cause to vomit.

Some also struggle to set a brail

When the winds blowing a gale

Or to heave in on a sheet

When simply standing is quite a feat

But the decks aren’t all torture

There’s the pleasant moments too

The beauty of a sunrise

Twixt the violence of the spew

A sight of dolphins swimming

Or other creatures of the deep

Like our pj pinching Nana,

That tattooed and busty creep.

So they handed us the boat

Expecting us to keep it afloat!

And worse than that, to “get from A to B”

So we panicked, stressed and manic

Over waypoints, songs and hammocks

And passed the whole mess on to Ollie.

When in years to come they ask us,

Just what we did aboard

We’ll look them in the eye and say “well

Then stop, think back and pause

Couse the time that we have spent here

Can’t be easily described

Nor shown with images or murals

We know this cos we’ve tried

For something inexplicable

Occurred between these masts

Something born of all these strangers

Different people, different tasks.

Between us we will cherish

The voyage that has been

And the memories that we’ve created

On this big blue brigantine