21° 8' South
149° 26' East

Currently located 15nm to the SE of Mackay and experiencing Moderate 10-15kt ESE winds with a 1m SE swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Voyage 14/14. This voyage will see us making a ‘mad dash’ from Mackay to Sydney in just 9 days and along the way experiencing the amazing Queensland and NSW Coasts.

The YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows:

Captain – Gav

Sail Master – Kenny

Navigator – Matt

BOATSO – Sandy

Red Watch Leader – Tilly

White Watch Leader – Dougy assisted by Jodie

Blue Watch Leader – Aaron

Chef – Hayden

Engineer - Sumo

The voyage began at the earlier time of 1300 today with a welcome to the Youth Crew and a small number of family and friends at Mackay Marina Mega Yacht Berth No 5. With family, friends and well-wishers farewelled, we commenced the voyage with some ice breaker activities, ships tours, safety brief and Captains chat.

With these activities successfully completed we commenced first climbs, which in this case due to time constraints we got the Youth Crew to climb to the topsail yard (second highest yard) rather than the topgallant (highest yard). Dinner followed with our menu tonight consisting of Bolognaise Pasta Bake, Pork Curry, Grilled Chicken Breast all accompanied by Rice and a Root Vegetable Medley. To finish off we enjoyed Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream and a Fresh Fruit Platter, what a meal!!.

Once we had cleaned up from dinner Kenny the Sailmaster mustered everyone at midships and had his little chat about living in ‘harmony’ during the next nine days explaining the things that we want to see during the voyage and the things we don’t.

At 1900 the lines were cast off and in pitch darkness we conducted a tight manoeuvre as we departed our berth at Mackay Marina. Once clear of Mackay Harbour the ship was brought under a reduced fore & aft sail plan and a course shaped to the south east.

Overnight the Youth Crew will settle into their watches and focus on learning how to helm the ship, keep a lookout for other ships and conduct engine room rounds as we commence our journey south.

Even at this early stage of the voyage I am already impressed with the attitude and motivation of the Youth Crew, I am sure that this will be another great voyage.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav