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Good Evening Readers,

Another full on day completed in Young Endeavour as we continue the transit of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Regretably the wind deserted us late this afternoon and we are now motoring along under the power of the iron topsail. If there is no improvement overnight we may have to pay hommage to the Wind Gods tomorrow. Stay tunned. Below is an epistle submitted by Ellie and she has said it all.

Happy birthday to my brother Michael.

That's all from me tonight.

yours aye

Andrew 'Gunna' Rourke
Commanding Officer

By Ellie

Ahoy there me mateys! Tis Capt'n Hells Bells here (a.k.a Yellow Bellied Ellie) coming to you live on the evening of our eighth day aboard Young Endeavour.

For me, today began at 0345... Surprisingly this hour of the morning is no longer a stranger to me. I proceeded to the bridge, gloves and harness in hand, despite my weary and blinky expression I was nevertheless eager to spend four hours on watch duties with who can only be described as my new found family onboard Young Endeavour.

I won't entertain you with a blow by blow account of the entire day's proceedings, as it will always be more fun to tell our loved ones in person about all the amazing things we are doing and seeing.

I will, however, embellish a few details. For instance, some dolphins were just spotted swimming off our starboard bow and I just finished what can only be described as a five star meal of scotch fillet with pepper sauce, with a side of lamb cutlets, (See, Mum?! They're taking great care of me!) Now that's all within the last 10 minutes��_ you couldn't imagine the amount of fun and excitement we've crammed into these last eight days!

To pick one particular highlight, a few nights ago at around 2240 I witnessed an awe inspiring moon rising over a dark horizon, with a neon orange moon surrounded by a deep purple glow. Pretty nice to imagine, right? Now imagine seeing this while clinging to a 35 metre main mast with your left hand and foot, while your other leg wrapped itself around the sail that you were tying down with your right hand. In this strange new world I've found myself in, that's exactly what I was doing on Tuesday night, and even stranger ��� that's all in a night's work! Nowhere else do you get to make these kinds of memories, (nor these kinds of bruises).

Now to more recent events, we have been at sea all day, crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria. It is truly magical to stand on the bridge and turn a full circle and see nothing but an uninterrupted sky and water horizon in every direction. The only sign of external human life today has been a low flying plane this afternoon that flew over to snap some photos of our majestic vessel, and its hot-shot crew. It's been a bit of a rocky day, larger swells than we have so far been used to, making everyday activities like showering and eating all the more eventful. But the weather has been consistently phenomenal, seeing to a record breaking amount of sunscreen application and water consumption, but we wouldn't wish it any other way.

Today we could finally say that we've known our new friends for over one week. It is also the day that leaves us with eleven days left on our journey (the normal length of a standard Young Endeavour voyage). Once we realised this, many of the youth crew were shocked to realise that with so much time left, so many more boundaries would be crossed, and goals achieved. At this rate, I doubt I would now recognise the people we will have become by the time we reach Darwin.

Stay tuned, loved ones��_ there are many more salty tales to come. Morale is high, and boredom is at an all-time low. We are being looked after by the greatest staff crew you could ask for, headed by the incredible Captain Gunna. However, it has to be said, that the youth crew's favourite crew member onboard is without a doubt Chad, the greatest chef in all the seven seas who treats us everyday to the most incredible meals, that we've come to know as ���Chad's Love��.

Signing off, this has been Yellow Bellied Ellie here, sitting in my happy pants and obeying all the rules.