14° 32' South
144° 57' East
Co 280, Sp 6, Wind 150 15 kts, Temp 24C
Good evening Shipmates,

Life is good (unless you're a Wallaby - lament).

Overnight Young Endeavour enjoyed steady 15-20 kts of south easterly winds and sailed with all three square sails set making good over 7 kts throughout the night. The YC spent their first night watches learning how to steer, keep lookout, and conduct rounds.

Having sailed under a full moon over night, day break saw a clear and beautiful day with the steady trade winds pushing us northwards towards Cape York at a good clip. Lizard Island approached on our starboard bow and all YC were called on deck to hand in sail. We sailed our ship to anchor at 0900 in the beautiful Watson's Bay on the leeward side of Lizard Island. Shortly thereafter we held our morning brief and the YC met our stowaway crew member ���Nana' (ala Josh). Her arrival was well received. ���Happy hour' was completed before the YC lay aloft to sea furl and gasket the sails. Time flies when you're having fun and before we knew it lunch was upon us and it wasn't until after another Chad extravaganza did we start to ferry the YC ashore.

Our mission ashore was to climb to the vantage point that Capt Cook visited to see his way clear of the Great Barrier Reef in 1770. It was a tough rugged climb however after about 90 minutes we were well rewarded by fantastic views for miles around. It certainly could be well understood how relieved Capt Cook was those 240 or so years ago to see a way clear and back to the safety of the open sea. All YC made it to the top and on return to sea level many chose to cool off in the turquoise blue waters of Watson's Bay. No wonder the rich and famous enjoy this beautiful island.

After our return onboard the YC lay aloft to prepare the ship to sail and after dinner all hands were called on deck to make sail. We sailed from the anchorage just after sunset and find ourselves once more running before a fresh south easterly wind making good speed northwards.

The YC are bonding and performing very well.

Chat to you tomorrow.

Yours Aye

Captain Gunna