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Current situation at 1800: At anchor off Redcliffe, Moreton Bay.
Wind - nil, temp - 20C
The Command Day went very well and the YC worked extremely well as a team fighting strong winds that weren't forecast. In the end they sailed the ship from North Stradbroke Island to Caloundra - nearly 100 kilometres, dodging ships and fishing boats and passing through (some) checkpoints. I resumed Command and we sailed into the
calm waters of enormous Moreton Bay, down past Tangalooma to find anchorage here for the evening. Enroute the YC talked about the 24 hours and all the things they got out of the adventure and by early afternoon we were ashore and taking it easy for a couple of hours.

Tomorrow we shall weigh anchor before the sun weighs and sail up Brisbane River to embark some disadvantaged young Australians for a day sail. It promises to be fun because I know our YC will be
excellent hosts.

Youth crew entry by Kathryn Manning, age 16, Wamuran, QLD.
Its day nine and what an experience it has been. From heaving in on ropes to climbing aloft the masts, life for me is at its fullest. Yesterday was Command Day, and with the command day elections I became a professional chef along with my two other companions where
we became to be known as The Three Naked Chefs. From 5:30am in the morning to 12:30am in the evening, the kitchen became our little cooking sancuary. It took a long time to prepare anything but the
results were fantastic. In summary all I can say is that the trip was a awesome experience and it is well worth the effort. Since being on the Young Endeavour I have learnt many of lifes wonders and found out
a lot of new things about my myself and others. P.S Happy Birthday Nathan, and I will see all you guys soon. Out

Youth crew entry by Heath Worboys, age 16, Dalmeny, NSW.
We are now approaching day 10 of our 11 day sailing experience. It has been an unforgettable experience. When I first got accepted onto the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme, I was a bit worried about the ship's Crew and the other Youth Members, as I was to be the youngest on board. But I found that the longer the journey went for, and the
further up the coast we travelled, the more I got to know and befriend the Youth Crew as well as the Staff.
The ship is now anchored in the calm waters of Redcliffe for the night. Possibly the only day so far that nobody on board has been sick. We are all very pleased with ourselves. The trip can only be summed up as a awesome experience and one you will remember forever.
P.S- My personal hello to Mum, Dad, Rhys, Ralph, Kuz and Pete.

Stay tuned,
Andrew R. Davis