33° 51' South
121° 54' East
Anchored at Esperance with light southerly winds and a low sea state.
Hello everyone ... the following from Captain Rob,

With the telescope of trust and captains hat of responsibility in hand, control of the STS Young Endeavour was passed over to the youth crew of voyage 16/09. Our mission was to safely navigate the ship from Bremmer Bay on the southern coast of Western Australia passing through waypoints specified by the navigator to reach our final destination of Esperance.

The seas were high and the winds were even higher as we weighed anchor and it dawned on us that this wasn't going to be smooth sailing. We would be asked to call on all of the skills we had learned over the previous eight days to complete our task successfully. After the previous days upwind beat, the youth crew were on the point of exhaustion but still rallied together to set sail.

The trying conditions required multiple tacks to navigate out of Bremmer Bay and as daylight drew to dusk, we passed the headlands and set a course east. The chefs cooked up a storm in the galley despite the ships movement in the wind, providing a well needed meal and baking a ���wedge' birthday cake for one of the crew. Despite the splendour of the meal the rough seas reduced the majority of the crew to their racks��_..the spewometer was at pandemic!!

Also included in our mission were a set of tasks requiring cooperation of all crew members and the application of each individuals strengths to meet the quirky, but challenging objectives. By 1400 this afternoon, our beach assault team had stormed the quiet Esperance beachfront and raised a flag claiming it for the crew of the Young Endeavour!

What an opportunity for the youth crew to sail the Young Endeavour with limited assistance from the staffies. A challenging task which tested mental, physical and emotional strength. Together we reached our destination and had a lot of fun along the way. Well done Youth Crew 16/09!

A poem from Maddie to end the day:

I don\\'t like to climb aloft
\\'cause the ground isn\\'t very soft
I know I\\'ll fall down
Land on my crown
Forget who I am, where I\\'m from.

Good night ...

Dave J (Yak)
Voyage Captain