26° 29' South
153° 26' East

Co 140, Sp 4

Wind 030 / 15 kts

Good Evening Shipmates,

Here are some words from the YC Captain Sara.

Captain Gunna

Carpe’ diem

Good evening civilians.

Command of the Young Endeavour was taken over by myself and the rest of the wonderful youth crew at 1000 this morning. After eventually pulling ourselves out of staff induced trouble we floated slowly along, rarely even reaching more then one kt of speed. The term ‘a painted ship upon a painted ocean’ arose which I feel was rather fitting to our static situation. Following discussion with my Sailing Mistress Sasha and Navigator Alexander, the decision to remain sailing without the help of engines was made. This turned out to be the correct call, and with a little help from our onboard Wind God, the winds eventually built. We are now experiencing wind conditions of around 12 kts, with ship progress being made at a steady 4 kts an hour.

Our square sails are at the ready, and after reaching our first waypoint the plan is to let them unfurl and then to sail downwind to our final destination. This however is only the plan and as we have all come to learn ‘a plan is subject to change with change being ever constant’. With watches organised and an accomplished and confident team at hand, it looks as though the coming night should run smoothly.

The tasks that have been set by the staff are slowly being completed. However, many more are still to go so I envisage that tomorrow will be one of the busiest that we have encountered thus far. With a continuation of the teamwork, cooperation, teamwork, communication and teamwork that we have developed, I have no doubt that our endeavours will be successful.

Till the morrow,

Youth Captain Sara.