33° 52' South
151° 13' East
Below is the log written by the Youth Crew commanding officers from Command Day V 17/06


Being Captain, gave me an unique opportunity to learn and interact as a youth crew member. I felt very proud to be elected Captain by our crew, it is something that when our voyage is over I will look back upon as a great honour to have the chance to lead such a wonderful group of Young Australians. The biggest challenge was that my 12 hour command was faced with particularly inclement weather, this created an even bigger challenge and one that by the end I learnt to appreciate.

Command day on Young Endeavour gave me an awesome opportunity to test my personal self and my knowledge gained onboard in the previous week. I truly feel I have grown and developed as an individual and in my capacity to be a leader throughout the voyage and in particular Command Day.

I congratulate my fellow Youth crew for our tremendous achievement of sailing into Sydney and am very proud to be a part of this.


We made it to Sydney! It was an awesome feeling to sail through the heads of Sydney Harbour on Tuesday afternoon with a beautiful sunset as the back drop. It was particularly satisfying because we (the youth crew) had made it all the way from Jervis Bay with only minimal help from the staff crew. We didn't get much sleep and what we did get was interrupted with calls of \all hands to tacking stations\" as we sailed into a strong headwind. It was incredible to see the way that all members of the youth crew worked together despite fatigue and unfavourable conditions. We couldn't have done it without all the fantastic work and commitment from everyone of the youth crew members. Especially our awesome navigators Kate, Phil and Alex, and our excellent XO' s, Matt and Goldy, calling from the bridge and the youth crew watch leaders Matt, Jimmy, Lucy, Lu and Tanya who superbly rallied their troops. Also have to mention, the food was very well prepared by our cooks Jake, Alana and Tuz. All in all it was an excellent adventure and everyone expanded their horizons!
Hi to John, Steve, Deb, Penny and the rest of Australia!

Until tomorrow...

Ian Hibbard
Voyage Captain"