16° 56' South
145° 47' East
At anchor in Trinity Inlet and experiencing moderate SE winds.
Ahoy Shipmates,
Well Command Day is now into the second half with Command Team 2 taking over the Ship at 2200. The YC are still battling strong headwinds but doing very well. Again one of the tasks for the YC Command teams is to write the Captains Log so please find attached the second of these log entries from Youth Crew Captain Lewi.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Command Day 2200 - 1000
Command Team 2
Captain: Lewi

Continuing on our quest began courageously by Captain Lou to round a small group of islands and then head back to Cairns, the crew of the Young Endeavour worked hard through the night, tacking at unimaginable hours, in large swells and strong winds. The weather gods were not favourable to us, meaning our efforts to head south were largely unsuccessful. Realising this, we decided to head north to the final destination, with strong winds at our backs. Vocal command of the setting and furling sails from our sailmaster Alice, and great course setting by our navi-guesser Jayde, we were able to pass our waypoint within a mere quarter of a nautical mile. Watch leaders Luke (blue), Kira and Grace showed leadership, while the officers-of-the-watch Sarah, Luke (red) and Ed maintained the routines required to control the ship. Continuing on to our anchorage, the crew were able to drop the pick within 300 yards of the target area, an amazing feat for a tired, cold, hungry crew, let alone the youth crew of the Young Endeavour. With the time we had made up travelling with the wind, we were able to complete some of the other tasks set for Command Day, such as running a morning brief, cleaning stations (fondly known as Happy Hour) and have 18 crew members aloft at one time.

The Youth Crew were able to control a 240 tonne, 44 metre vessel powered only by the wind on an 81 nautical mile journey, in strong winds and rough seas through the darkness of night. The commitment and enthusiasm of the crew cannot be questioned. It has been an honour to be able to lead them on this voyage, and is an experience that the crew will never forget.

From the bridge,
Captain Lewi