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11 February - 21 February
At anchor Farm Cove. Wind 180 / 8 kts

Today continued on as the second half of command day. After making reasonable distance to the north during the night, we ran out of wind early this morning (4am) off the coast of Wollongong. After a few tries of different sails and different tacks, it became obvious that we weren't going anywhere in a hurry. So by 6.30am we had no other option but to turn to the engines.

We continued on NNE up past Botany Bay, had some brekky (thanks to the amazing YC chefs), and undertook our YC morning brief. Morning brief saw the special appearance of Nana and Poppa and our own YC salty sea pup tales. Ten miles off Sydney Heads we wore ship and cut the engines in the light breeze determined to sail the final leg to the anchorage. Setting as many sails as we could, we soon began to make good ground followed by happy hour. (Which included polishing all the brass onboard!!)

We had a quick bite of lunch and then passed through Sydney Heads and then began the maze of wearing through cargo ships, yachts, buoys, ferries and some loose cannon tourists. We eventually pulled into Farm Cove, and anchored between the Opera House and Lady Macquarie's Chair after some impressive sail handling by the YC.

We then launched the B.A.T. (Young Endeavour Beach Assult Team) which consisted of six female YC members paddling their way across to the Opera House while the ships staff members helpfully created a massive swell with the power boat. Once the B.A.T had docked at the Opera House they then proceeded into the swarms of tourists to complete their mission. The Captain's mission for the B.A.T was to gather up as many strangers as possible, get them all to congregate at the top of the Opera House stairs where they joined us in singing the Australian Anthem broadcast via two way radio to the crew on the Young Endeavour.

Once all crew members were back on board, command of the ship was then formally handed back to the captain. This was followed by critical reflection on our command performance, and a discussion about what skills we've gained through this experience. Dinner was delish, then the family all gathered in the caf� to watch 'Around Cape Horn'. Command Day tried and tested the entire YC in ways we had not previously perceived forcing the YC to draw upon strengths, bonds and skills built up on the voyage so far. Whilst sleep deprived, the YC have had a fantastic time aboard and are very much enjoying the Harbour sights and lights. Tomorrow we welcome guests aboard for a half day sail and hope to have an absolute blast. Looking forward to seeing everyone back at home.

Jez and Teags.

Hey everyone! We made it to Sydney! Can't wait to see you all soon. Lots of love Katy

Hello Mum, Dad, Jess and Grace, having an awesome time sailing so many exciting and tiring times, might not come home now but it was nice knowing you all. Love you lots Alex. xoxox

Hello Mum, Dad and Ali, Sydney Harbour looks so awesome from the ship. We are anchored just off the bridge and opera house and the view is spectacular!
Be home soon, love you all. Clay

Hey Mum, Dad, Will, James, Anna and Paulie and any one else following the news. Crazy couple of days, thoroughly exhausted but loving every minute. Looking forward to getting home Monday night! Love you all, Lauren xxooxxoo.

Hi mum, family and Tara, missing you all, can't wait too see you!! having some really good days. Teagen xoxoxo

Hey fam, looking forward to big hugs and kisses from you all. Having so much fun, see you all in a few days,
Laura xox

Captain Gunna back at the helm here. The YC did very well during their command day and should be proud of their efforts. I am!
Chat tomorrow after the half day sail.

Cheers for now
Commander Andrew 'Gunna' Rourke
Commanding Officer

Carpe Diem