Voyage name: 
20 August - 30 August
Currently 15nm to the SE of Broken Bay and experiencing moderate SE winds with a 2-3m swell.

Ahoy Shipmates,
This morning dawned bright and clear. Following EMA it was straight to breakfast followed by colours, morning brief and "happy hour". At 0945 the anchored was weighed and YE conducted the short passage out of Broken Bay and into open water were with the assistance of a 20kt south easterly finally got to conduct a good set of demonstrational tacks. Once the activity was complete the ship returned to the confines of Broken Bay and proceeded to anchor just north of Flint and Steel Point. Following lunch the new Command Team was given 1 hour of question time with Staff so that could ask any relevant questions pertaining to their command positions over the next 24 hours. At 1330 the YC Captain's were handed their instructions and they commenced frantic preparations prior to the formal handover of the "telescope of challenge" at 1400. The YC now have taken Command of YE and one of the many tasks for Command Day is for the Youth Crew Captains to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow. Please find attached the first of these entries from YC Captain Sam.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

G'day everyone
We left Broken Bay this morning and the beautiful township of Patonga and continued towards Sydney. After a morning activities, a sing along with Nanna and happy hour we began demonstrational tacks shown to us by the Staffies. At 1400 that's 2.00pm for the land lovers out there the Staffies officially handed the ship over to the YC for 24 hours.
With everyone pumped for Command Day all YC jumped straight into the challenge and we set sails and started heading back out to sea.
The wind is being difficult and doing its best to trouble the Elected YC navigators and leadership teams but with the whole YC behind us and everyone having faith in each other we are confident we can get the job done! We are currently setting course for Rose Bay our next anchorage.
So far this voyage has been very challenging for everyone in many different ways.
For some the sea sickness was overbearing and spent much of the voyage staring over the capping rail and at the water, for others it has been finding out about themselves and the 25 other YC. But everyone onboard has achieved so much together in such a short time, created some close bonds and held tough through some ordinary conditions.
We are all exhausted but ready to attack the rest of Command Day and most importantly enjoy the experience!
A big hello and hugs to our families and friends waiting patiently at home and personal hello and big hug to Tegan. We love you all and will see you soon.

Yours Aye
YC Sam