20° 9' South
148° 54' East
Southerly Winds of up to 30 knots, 33 knots in the gusts. Rough choppy seas.
The second leg of the voyage 11 command day had a heart-racing start as a strong southerly hampered all efforts to gain ground to the windward. The decision was therefore made to wear the ship and go back directly from where we had come, missing most of the waypoint targets, but making for a much faster and more enjoyable sail into the final waypoint. The final section of the route involved some hard tacking to head to our southern target of Nara Inlet, but great cooperation and hard work from the crew meant that the final manouvres were successful and allowed us to arrive at the finish point 5 minutes early.

The day was not all hard work, as the three gourmet chefs prepared an Italian themed lunch, some of the crew worked on a chalk mural for voyage, and watch leader Peter \Abs\" Abraham spotted a Whale Shark, which apparently disappeared before anyone else could confirm the sighting.

All in all the day was very successful, though tiring, and the crew are enjoying having a nice quiet night anchored in the Whitsundays before our last full day on the Young Endeavour."