26° 41' South
153° 8' East
Wind southerly at 10 knots.
YOUNG ENDEAVOUR came to anchor shortly after lunch yesterday afternoon in the beautiful Mooloolaba. The youth crew proceeded ashore at the first available opportunity to conduct their Command
Day elections, and hit the shops. At 1715 all were safely back onboard and enjoying a magnificent BBQ dinner and sunset on the Teak Deck.

After dinner the youth crew announced their Command Team. Congratulations to Youth Crew Captain Jeremy from Brisbane and his
merry team who will have the pleasure and responsibility of sailing YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for Command Day.

Overnight the Youth Crew XO - Scott also from Brisbane organised anchor watches for everyone. This rotation gives everyone the
opportunity for more sleep as only three people are required on deck at any one time, standing watches of an hour and a quarter. Their duties involve the normal rounds of compartments down below, with
additional duties checking the anchor cable half hourly, and monitoring alarms on the Bridge.

At 0630 a fun filled game of 'Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers' was enjoyed before a fantastic breakfast cooked by our new Command Day chefs, Alison and Hugh. At 0800 everyone assembled for the Naval
ceremony of Colours before Jeremy took Command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for the youth crew of Voyage 12/04.

The youth crew's first task was the dispatching of the Beach Assault Team - who encouraged 21 local residents (with the aid of the Surf Lifesaving Club) to sing the National Anthem. A great start to
Command Day. Also Damien, one of our local youth crew members, was visited by a team from the local Newspaper. He (and we all) hope his smile turns out well in the Paper tomorrow!

Everyone is now enjoying a magnificent lunch, and we will shortly be getting underway, with the aim of being at Coolongatta at 0800 tomorrow morning to commence our passage into Moreton Bay.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is fitted with AQUA SIGNALS SYC 803 type navigation lights for a sailing vessel and a power driven vessel of less than 50m in length in accordance with the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea. All lights are dual lights which may be switched over if one should fail and operate through the 24V system. The Port and Starboard side lights are fitted in 'Carpenter Boxes' to the forward shrouds.

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
Anais Nin

Yours Aye,

Phil Gaden
Lieutenant, RAN
Acting Commanding Officer


Hayley, 20, Gold Coast
Finally over the seasickness, command day has started off great, with my navigating we'll be at Caloundra in no time! Having a wicked time on board. . .Hi Ryan, miss you lots xxx

Tiffany, 18, Cessnock
Feeling really good today. Not throwing up and getting involved in Command Day! Having a ball and cant wait to set sail! Hey mum, miss you heaps!